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Frantic City : Dragster 10", Double Cheese 7", Jaromil Sabor LP/CD

Bachelor : Makeouts LP, New Swears LP x 2

Beast : Go!Zilla LP x 2, Madcaps LP, Hipbone Slim LP

Dead Beat : Havenots LP, Heartbeeps LP, Brimstone Howl LP, Sick Thoughts LP x 2

Goodbye Boozy : Cumstain 7", Raw McCartney 7", Lazy 7"

Groovie : Los Tones 7", Routes LP

P.Trash : Marinellis LP, Useless Eaters LP, Genital Hospital LP x 2

Others : Skeptics CS (Retard), Regal LP/CD (Born Bad), World War III CS (Retard Records), Maharajas 7" (Moody Monkey), Decheman & Gardener LP (Kizmiaz), Owen Temple Quartet LP (Casbah), Social End Products 7" (Radar Eyes / Fuzz Overdose)!


7 INCHES - 6 Euros


We don't know what the hell isn't aggravating and going down the sewer in this world, but it sure ain't the music delivered by these French monsieurs. This 7'' looks like the negative counterpart to their ''Runaway'' EP on JoJo Records, packed in a white cover with black print and 4 new and catchy songs. The faster and elegantly stomping ''Pressure'' and ''Can't crush you'' on the A-side, as well as the bit slower and more melodic ''Scared to hate'' and ''Controlled'' on the flip please us with more revved up '77 Punk that sure doesn't lack of catchy melodies, a snotty voice, addictive choruses and cool, wavy passages. (P.Trash Records)



Plus sobre qu’un corbillard, la pochette ne nous apprend rien, laissant la musique faire l’essentiel. Le trio de Marseille à son meilleur, avec trois titres nerveux, sans temps morts, mais doté de ce sens de la respiration qui laisse toute leur place à la basse et à la batterie. Alors, répétons-le, les Aggravation ont du style. Et comment ! Avec des biscuits dans la soute. Coquetterie supplémentaire, le vinyle a la blancheur immaculée d’un évier n’ayant jamais servi. UN très bon groupe et un très bel objet. (Jojo Records)


-ANGEL SLUTS "Love Sweet Love"

A new 7" from these powerful punkers from Memphis. A side is a catchy power pop tune with a punkier sound on the flip side. Includes 3 songs on a color vinyl! (Chickpea Records)

-ASPHALT "Do you understand (me)? / Katzenkopf"

Second 7" by this 4-piece combo from Toulouse, their sound is getting tighter, nice blend of 77 Punk and Post-Punk, in-between French bands The Aggravation and Frustration. Very good! (Juvenile Delinquent Records)

-ATOMIC SUPLEX "Rock & Roll Must Die"

Destructo Rock & Roll at its best, these guys from Croydon (Greater London) are the English Guitar Wolf, no joke! The band did a split 7" with the Swankers on Death Pop (UK) before this single, since then they put out 2 new split 7"es with Hercules II on Radiowave Recordings (UK) and with Theee Bat on Swamp Fiction (Japan). They toured Japan twice already and are conctantly playing in and around the London area, I witnessed one of their show and it's complete Rock & Roll mayhem on stage, just as on the record! Three super raw Garage Punk tracks like the Sonics meet Guitar Wolf by those English men and women, screeching guitars, roaring sexaphone and hard-pounding drums! (Frantic City Records)


-THE BEAVERS "Silly Girls"

The Beavers are legends in The Netherlands, they started in the early-90s, recorded their first single on Kogar Records (NL) with Mike Mariconda (Raunch Hands, Devil Dogs...), their second record was a split 7" with none other than trash-kings GAUNT on Demolition Derby Records (Belgium)! They hung the guitars up for a few years while some of them played in The Firebirds, cool Garage/Surf band that extensively toured The Netherlands (they even appeared in some TV shows up there!), but when the Firebirds split the Beavers were called back from the grave. They did a single and a great 10" on the seminal dutch record label High School Refuse Records a few years ago and kept 3 tracks for a single on Frantic City! A-side is a fast Garage Punk pounder, side B starts off with a moody Garage track that sounds like a lost Crimson Shadows song, last track is an instrumental tribute to King Link Wray. (Frantic City Records)



3 lo-fi punk/power pop tracks sounding like Nikki Corvette or the early Donnas by this Japanese threesome (2 girls and one guy), nice one-sided pink vinyl! (Ken Rock)


Deux morceaux de Soul / Rhythm & Blues enregistrés par la famille Larsen! (B-Soul / Larsen)

-BIRDS OF PARADISE "The Little Death"

Birds Of Paradise is a new project by Roy Vucino (Red Mass, PYPY, CPC Gangbangs) and Hannah Lewis. Folk/Pop/Psych/Blues!! 200 copies. (Goodbye Boozy Records)

-BLEW-UP "On Fire"

Trashy Swamp Garage Punk Blues from Toulouse with members of Containers, Cheap Chaser, Jerry Spider Gang, Destination Lonely... (Relax-O-Matic Vibrator / Better Rock Than Roll)

-THE BORN LOSERS "For Chicago Girls"

US Punk Rock, 3 tracks sounding like a weird mix between the New Bomb Turks, Humpers and Black Flag! (Scarey Records)


High-Energy Garage Rock by this two-guitars-no-bass band from Toulouse, south of France, ex-Containers and current Angry Dead Pirates, 4 tracks recorded by Lo'Spider of course! (Better Rock Than Roll Records)


This one took like a year in the making but I can tell you it was worth the wait!! First single from this Los Angeles combo, first US band released on Frantic City Records, weirdo Garage Punk with Psyched-out guitars, first two tracks are speed Psych-Punk pounders, first one is sung by lovely bass-player Kate, third track on side B is more moody and reminds me a lot of the mighty Wipers every time I hear it. (Frantic City Records)

-COCOCOBRA AND THE KILLERS "Baby you done me wrong"

4 track EP from the Coco Cobra that is fantastic, killer female fronted GaragePunk with a big G and a big P. After a LP and two CDs the first 7" is finally here. If you know this band think Spider Babies but with a female singer and you maybe have it, if not try it you will like it. (KenRock)


New 3 track single from the Coconut Coolouts, Weirdo Punk out on that cool Swedish label (Ken Rock Records)

-CORTONA "The Beat ist Billig"

First 7" vinyl from this French band from Lyon after a few CDs, 4 Punk Rock tracks, sounds a lot like the Briefs, Hatepinks, Aggravation... (Casbah Records)


First 7" from this young Austin, Texas, band, four 77 Punk tracks, complete Killed By Death style. Band includes guys from the Horribly Wrong. Artwork looks pretty much like old Black Flag stuff! (KenRock Records)

-CUMSTAIN "Dahmer Blues" NEW!!

Cumstain is a sleazy Garage Punk band from Oakland, California, with a cool album out on Burger Records. Two new tracks recorded in October 2013 with Greg Ashley. Limited to 250 copies. (Goodbye Boozy)

-CURLEE WURLEE "My Brain is Empty"

New 7" featuring two originals by our favourite German/French garage heroes! Their smashing hit 'My brain is empty' came out this year on the sensational long-player 'Curlee Wurlee Likes Milk' and this 7" presents the obligatory piano version of it (instead of organ). It's anchored in the good old Kinks story-telling tradition : it could have been composed by Ray Davies in 1966, but it wasn't... it was written by Cécile Musy (better known as Organella) and it's a disillusioned hymn full of booze and macabre irony indeed. B-Side 'You are on your own' was written by Axel Oliveres (alias Teen Axel) and is a Mod & Mersey Beat-influenced smasher. (Larsen Records)

-DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS "Better listen up good - Europe Tour Part 1"

Hey y'all, Andy from Digger and the Pussycats here. Head P.Trash honcho asked me to write something to promote our two new 45s out on P.Trash Records and Timmeheiehumme Records. What can I say? We're just a dumb-arse rock and roll band who have aged considerably since our first P.Trash Record way back in 2005. Our waistlines and man-boobs have developed, but our music has not. We haven't tried to re-invent the wheel with these new tracks, but they're definitely Digger songs that could easily slip onto any of our previous albums/singles. If you like the band you'll like the songs. If you don't like us, then save your money! (P.Trash)

-DIGGER AND THE PUSSYCATS "Real Hard Time - Europe Tour Part 2"

With a back catalogue brimming with five albums, eight 7”s, a 10” and an EP, DIGGER & THE PUSSYCATS return with two new 7” singles to be released through German labels P. Trash and Timmeheiehumme. To celebrate the band are putting their adult contemporary lives on hold and getting in the van for an 18 shows in 18 days tour of Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Expect suicidal rock moves, bad jokes and immature songs, not to mention the smell of gig clothes that live in a plastic bag in the back of the van that don’t get washed until the final show. Not bad for a couple of thirty something fellas from Australia. (P.Trash)

-DISCO LEPERS "The Government took my Virginity"

7 tracks, Trashy Speed Punk à la GG Allin, Angry Samoans, Killed By Death series etc, sounds like a faster LiveFastDie! (Ken Rock)


Formed in La Rochelle in early-2014 by Ugo (Charles Howl) and Bart (Skeptics, Pneumonias, White Fangs…), Double Cheese recorded their first 8-track tape - out on Ugo’s label Cheap Trash Tapes in April the same year - as a duo before Aline aka Kristal Suiker from Skeptics joined them on bass. A split tape with Coffee Saucers followed on Désobéissance Records in October bearing the band’s first recordings as a three-piece. Their sound evolved from Super Trash Garage Punk to something more consistent, and though it’s still Garage and it’s still Punk with lots of Fuzz and Reverb, they tried somewhat different things during their recording session at Lo’Spider’s in Toulouse in Spring 2015, adding touches of Pop colors here and there. The 4-track 7’’ does come with some pretty neat and colorful artwork by Brussels artist Robin Renard who was already responsible for their first tape’s artwork. This record will be available on the Double Cheese / Proto Idiot tour which will bring both bands high in the Netherlands, and will officially come out on January 19, 2016. (Frantic City)

-DRAGS "Sense"

This lot are from Oakland and they play a kind of thunderous pop punk rinsed out in reverb. This gives quite a strangely spooky vibe to it which ends up falling somewhere between Deerhunter’s sun-bleached psychedelic indie rock and proper functional pop punk bands like The Marked Men or The Ergs. It’s a really strange combination but actually seems to work pretty well on this short but sweet two-song one-sider. (Goodbye Boozy Records)

-GO! "Your power means nothing"

Brand new re-issue of the one and only 11 (!) track 7" by 1990s Old School hardcore band Go! qtraight outta New York! (Guerilla Vinyl)

-GUT REACTIONS "Yer so cruel"

US Punk Rock/Garage recorded by that guy from the Teenage Rejects and Catholic Boys, 3 real cool tracks, sounds like a mix between the Reatards and Fe-Fi-Fo-Fums. (Ken Rock)

-THE JOLTS "Kaminari Lover"

New single from this Punk/Garage/Rock & Roll band from Vancouver, 2 tracks that sound like old Electric Frankenstein stuff for example on a neat-looking yelow-colored vinyl, includes a downloading card. (No Front Teeth)

-THE JUNOHOOS "First Class Motherfucker"

Second single from Groningen, The Netherlands' own Junohoos (with members of the Krontjong Devils and Hot Pockets), two new tracks primarily influenced by the Rip Off records back catalogue though this time they go louder and heavier, Joan Jett style! (Diftar Records)


Debut vynil release from the best Russian garage/psych band right now! Two very cool tracks. (Chickpea Records)

-KUKEN "Black Rose"

Introducing Kuken from Hamburg, Germany. This is their first record, a two song 45, garage punkrock without any bullshit to sidetrack you from the impact. Guitar, bass, drums, two vocal lines all the time. Look out for their full lenght out on Bachelor early 2015 and a tour with Alien Snatch latest signing, Brain Traps. (Bachelor Records)

-LADY BANANA "Adult Rock"

Louder than the Oblivians and dirtier than Cheater Slicks, here comes Lady Banana, from Göteborg, Sweden! They're two and they're handsome of course, one of them was the master brain of the Tundra Fucks, another duo who turned into a trio and released some of the most atavistic Trash Garage songs out there on a few different 7" releases. Now he's back with a new drummer and four new songs recorded in a laundry-room!! Real primitive drumming, super trash guitar licks and some weird hissing sounds from a tape-recorder, this is what you'll get on Frantic City's twentieth release, limited to 300 copies with very nice fluo-pink covers silk-screened by Lady Banana's drummer himself! (Frantic City Records)

-LAZY "s/t" NEW!!

Punk band from Kansas City, three tracks and it sounds like West Coast Punk and Hardcore circa '78 through about '82 - I'm talking about bands such as Avengers, X and the feral Hardcore offspring which quickly followed, like maybe Sin 34 and No Alternative. (Goodbye Boozy)

-LOS DERRUMBES "Hacen cantar a sus amigos!"

Second single, on these 4 new tracks they asked their friends to come and sing along with them and it goes Old School Rockabilly. (Vinyl Junkie Records)

-MAHARAJAS "Just let him go" NEW!!

How many nights and days did I spend listening to The Maharajas' milestone album “H-minor”, while crying rivers of tears on Mathias Lilja's (The Strollers) amazing voice, next to some Teenage Shutdown desperate killers? I must admit I was almost missing these dark times of complete moodiness, and the deep sadness only The Maharajas can project in their songs, until the one and only Jens Lindberg (Crimson Shadows, Stomachmouths, Maggots, etc.) recently sent me these two new original songs. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard they still can be as moody as hell! Both “Just Let Him Go” (Jens Lindberg) and “Tell Me” (Ulf Guttormsson) are real monsters. “Just Let Him Go” is a cosy one with a discreet organ, a binary rhythmic bass, an ear-worm chorus, and a wonderful what I'd call Greek-style guitar free of any shitty effects, while “Tell me” could be another A-side: it is powerful and resolute, offering a surprising short middle part and an unresolved ending though, which in my mind enhances the tragic character of this song. Despite its moodiness, I can't help my body from moving like a bee. Both tunes are short and expurgated from any superfluous gimmick, and they go straight to the point. (Moody Monkey)


Manic Attracts are from Vancouver. As you likely know, for the past dozen years Canada has been spitting out some of the best garage and punk records. This is no exception. For fans of Black Time, Crime, The Oblivians and ‘60s girl groups. (Perpetrator Records)

-MARK & THE SPIES "Find yourself a way"

Two new tracks from this cool soulfull Dutch Mod/Garage band, sounds just like their latest LP out on Screaming Apple. (Vinyl Junkie Records)

-NEON BONE "Quits the band"

4-track 7inch from Pop-Punk-Oneman-Monster Neon Bone! Fantastic Screeching Weasel, Ramones, M.O.T.O., Weezer Punk from Münster! Full artwork in 3D and every 7" comes with 3D glasses... start your party right now!! (Ring Of Fire)


Four tracks by this weird Swedish Trash Punk outfit, mid-tempo seventy-sevenish stuff, fair go! (Ken Rock)


Frenchy Garage/Punk from Charleville-Mézières, four tracks pretty well done! The guys from Brussels' 77 Punk band Périphérique Est are mad about them and actually cover one of their tracks live! (Music for Stupid Jerks)


-L'ORCHIDEE D'HAWAÏ "Eleki vol. 1"

The cool weird Surf band from France goes Japanese volume 1! Real cool cover art! (Larsen Records)

-L'ORCHIDEE D'HAWAÏ "Eleki vol. 2"

The cool weird Surf band from France goes Japanese volume 2! Real cool cover art! (Larsen Records)


The Othermen are a four-member garage punk, rock-and-roll band from Brooklyn, New York who are described by CMJ as one of “The most exciting garage punk act(s) currently soiling stages in NYC”. “(Do The) Stand Still” is a foot-stomping ensemble complete with guitar buzzes and singing (screaming?!). Think Mummies!! (Chickpea Records)

-OUTFACE «TV generation»

Eight tracks of straigh In-Your-Face old school punk hardcore made in France in 2000! Great one. (Panx)


Three girls (incl. Organella of Curlee Wurlee!) and one dude from Hamburg, St. Pauli, with their mighty cool four song debut EP: "You're not gonna" is a fast organ driven garage punker, "End of time" a cool ballad that might bring the Headcoatees back in your head, "Sortir avec toi" a mod / power pop cut and "Surprise party à Sankt Pauli" a fun sing along tune that you might think you've heard before, even though you've probably never been to Saint-Tropez, eeey, St. Pauli! Try it out!! (Moody Monkey Records)


-THEE OUTLETS "Halloween Bash"

today's so-called Garage Punk Sensation from Hamburg St. Pauli with their second release, a Halloween smasher offering two A-sides: My Monkey Man (Kerstin Holzwarth), a sexy Bo-Diddleyish fecundity ode, and Vampire of Mine (Cécile Musy) which beams you back in the ol’ bad spooky world of Screaming Lord Sutch. Both of these dancing tunes were written by Thee Outlets, recorded at the Yeah!Yeah!Yeah! studios in Hamburg and come in a beautiful sleeve created by star illustrator Jean-François Martin in person! Two soon to become party classics, so put on your gorilla costume, smash your pumpkins and party on! (Moody Monkey Records)


-THE PEGS "Livin' at the Surf Motel"

Speed agressive US Punk à la Stitches, Briefs, Shakin' Nasties, Moorat Fingers... (No Front Teeth Records)


New band from Stockholm, Sweden, including one of the girls from the band "Kamikatze", early 80s Punk/Hardcore with a trashy sound, like the Angry Samoans with a girl singing. (Ken Rock Records)


New 7" by these Norwegian guys who play tuneful Mersey Beat sounding like the early Beatles, really close to what the Kaisers or Other Guys do! 4 songs recorded by Liam Watson at Toe Rag studios. (Larsen Records)

-POPPETS "The Long Highway"

It have to happen and now it happen, and kenrock is happy to give the earth this nice Poppets record, after some nice 7' and a great LP at P.Trash Records they are back, The long highway is another great Poppets record, and the sleeve is a hot painting all screened down to paper, and yes black or colored record exist and 300 have been pressed. (KenRock)

-PROTOKIDS "Geometric Boy"

Official debut 45 of Paris own rising stars of powerpop (after the initial "Kings of the Hill" Single on on beloved Push My Button Records). The Protokids sound like edgy, working class teenage UK powerpop (Protex, Incredible Kidda Band, Rousers, Trainspotters, White Heat...). Add bouncy, jangly guitar nutso pop of the late ´70 US (think Heats, A's, Real Kids) and with their charming Bijou-esque french accent they take any punk heart by storm. This is right the stuff so many are hunting down - fanclub Power Pearls compilations from the heydays. Get on your jeans jacket, these moped racers are on stages in any departements in the fifth republic and Europe in the summer to play the right sound at the right time. The 7" has four (!!) so-catchy-it-hurts songs for your pre-weekend jerk-off party - each two songs recorded by Benjamin Daures of Yussuf Jerusalem in the basement and infamous Lo'Spider. Lim. 500 copies. (Alien Snatch!)

-RAW McCARTNEY "Midwest Eject" NEW!!

Psych KBD Punk Rock band from Indianapolis, the songs found here will scratch that psychedelic scuzz punk peppered with electronics itch that you might have been experiencing. (Goodbye Boozy)

-REGAL "Layer World"

Their landmark debut album « Possible endings » came out at the very end of 2011 as a co-release on Frantic City and Azbin, then their equally enjoyable sophomore « Misery, redemption & love » came out a year after on the band’s own prolific record label Azbin Records. Their third, « Two cycles and a little more », which is also quite something, was just released a few months ago on Born Bad Records. Now the first two albums were recorded as they could with the entire band but for the third album’s session - from which are taken the three tracks on this new record - they were only two members in the studio and took more time to work on their songs. And you do hear it.
They may have met on World Of Warcraft, as has been stressed before, but this is far from showcasing their sensibility and songwriting ability which made Regal - originally formed in Lyon, France, but now located in Tournai, Belgium - one of the top bands in the contemporary Euro-Garage scene. But this is still quite reducing, just listen to any song from Regal and you’ll hear Garage music alright but also pinches of Pop, Folk, even Country, music styles that the two comrades probably dig as much as Garage itself.
On their first 7 incher they’re offering us three songs they coudn’t fit on the third album wrapped in a nice Antoine Marchalot cover as usual. This one will officially be coming out on August 1st, at the band’s first appearance at the Binic Folk Blues Festival. (Frantic City)

-REGULATIONS "Different needs"

This is the European version of the REGULATIONS highly anticipated new platter where the Swedes brilliantly mingle dirty '70s Swedish Punkrock with the energy, rudeness and melody of early '80s LA Punkrock a la ADOLESCENTS or CIRCLE JERKS. Rough, melodic and complex guitars, very good arrangements topped with some gritty vocals and pissed-off introspective lyrics make each of these 4 songs a hit. Top notch material from one of the best Hardcore-Punk bands around today. (P.Trash)


Garage Punk Rock & Roll by these US guys, 4 tracks sounding like a mix between the Jerry Spider Gang and LiveFastDie! (Shit In Can)



Trash trash trash & bluesy Garage Punk by this trio from Montréal, two tracks. Great artwork, silk-screen by Bon Goût!(Yakisakana Records).

-SECTS TAPE "Harvester"

Debut 7" from this Punk Rock/Early Hardcore band from Tournai, Belgium, three tracks influenced by Dead Kennedys, Reagan Youth etc, makes me think of a darker Aggravation. Recorded by par Patrice Pétrole, nice silk-screened cover art. (AzBin Records)

-SLOW SLUSHY BOYS "Move your hand/Don't look back"

Thee French Garage/Soul band goes Ska/Rocksteady on these two tracks! Cool! (B-Soul/Larsen)


4 High Speed Garage Punk tracks, great cool stuff, something like Dean Dirg or a faster Manikins! Cheap trash paper cover à la early Rip Off. That means it's cool. (Ken Rock)


The Social End Products were formed in Nov 2009 in Athens / Greece by Stathis and Manos who were around since the 90s as members of the legendary Walking Screams, Outtasites, Mean Geanies and Inner Mystiques. The line up was completed with Themos and Dimitris who were playing together in the teen punk band Les Chrites. Influences range from artists like Hasil Adkins, Legendary Sturdust Cowboy, Bo Diddley, Red Crayola, 13th Floor Elevators, Sun Ra, the Back From The Grave compilation series... They deliver four explosive self penned Garage Punk songs which are gonna Psych-Out your brains out! (Radar Eyes / Fuzz Overdose)


The Staches are two girls and two guys from Geneva, Switzerland, who’ve been sticking together for years now and relentlessly working on blending together Garage, Girl Punk, Lo-Fi Pop and Psychedelic music. Pushed by the enthusiasm of their youth, they’ve been roaming the roads of Europe and already totalize a fair amount of about 100 gigs. Their first album « Machine » (Burning Sound Records, La Chaux-de-Fonds) came out in May 2014, quickly followed by their first 7’’ « There’s Something in Between » (La Suisse Primitive Records, Saint Gallen) in October 2014. Now the two songs making up this new 7’’ co-released by Azbin and Frantic City Records were recorded by Seth Sutton from Useless Eaters in San Francisco in August 2014. (Frantic City Records)


Garage punk from Upstate New York. One of the best live acts in Tri-State Area right now. 4 songs on a 7". (Chickpea Records)

-STRANGE ATTRACTOR "It's always Halloween (downtown)"

!!Punk/Garage/K.B.D./Punk!! Just in time for all hallows’ eve, the groovy ghoulies from Scudbury’s Strange Attractor are back with another crypt kicker. “It’s Always Halloween (Downtown)” is a single-sided 7” that will shred your face off like a razor blade tucked into a candy apple. Tricks and treats! (Goodbye Boozy)

-THE SWINDLERS "I wanna kill my friends"

The third and last 7" from the French Rip Offs, came out on Rockin' Bones Records in Italy a good 15 years ago after singles on Rip Off and Wild Wild Records. Four tracks including their hit 'Martian Attack'! (Rockin' Bones Records)

-SWINEHOOD "I'm a fuckin' misanthrope"

Speed Punk/Old School Hardcore, 6 tracks close to Drugstop or the early Hookers. (Ken Rock)

-LOS TONES "Jangle / Witch Hazel" NEW!!

Another killer record from Los Tones, one of the best Garage bands out of Australia! Double A-sider that's for sure, very strong 60s Garage/Psych flavour on this one, gotta dig it!! (Groovie)

-THE TOWELHEADS "Hiding Out / Turbanator"

The Towelheads is a secret band! No one knows who they are, no one knows where they are... Well actually they're guys from the Frowning Clouds from Australia going instrumental, but one thing is for sure, you need this!! Three different covers available, each cover is limited to 83 copies. (Goodbye Boozy)

-USELESS EATERS "Plastic Masks" NEW!!

This 7" comes out just after their awesome "Bleeding Moon" LP, two new great track just in time for Seth and the Useless Eaters' Euro-tour! Lo-Fi KBD Punk at its best!! Limited to 250 copies. (Goodbye Boozy)

-UV GLAZE "Daily Vomit"

UV Glaze is a Berlin based fuck you, noise punk monster including members of Herpes, Noem, Jailhouse Fuck and Wolfgang's Vacation. It's hard to describe their sound and dynamics its just uncontrollable and loud, noise/gunk punk! Been a fan of 'em before they even existed! UV Glaze is throwing us back to the mid 90ties when we all dug records of Amphetamine Reptile. Loud, wylde and even fun sometimes! If you go crazy while listening to The Jesus Lizard, Cows, Guzzard or Big Black, or much more recent Pissed Jeans and Metz, this band and this 45 is definitely a sure shot! (Bachelor Records)


Italian/US Punk band, 4 tense tracks, pretty close to Fear, the Feelers or Spits... See?? (Ken Rock)


-WILD ZEROS "Homesick"

This is the first single from the La Rochelle/Bordeaux combo mixing 60s Garage and late 70s Punk, 4 tracks recorded by Lo'Spider at Boogaloo Studios in Bordeaux, they do a DMZ cover ("Boy from Nowhere") and that definitely suits them, this band being highly reminiscent of Monoman's bands as well as late-70s winners such as the Real Kids, Saints, Fun Things... Looch Vibrato from the Magnetix plays organ on the last track. The guys have been involved in bands such as The Pneumonias, Flying Over, the Mean Things, The Magnetix (Wild F, the Wild Zeros' drummer is also known as "Arthur Burners" and played bass in the Magnetix for quite some time, he even recorded some tracks with them on their first LP "Magnetic Reaction" out on Flame On Records), Challengers of the Unknown and more! (Frantic City Records)

-WTHH "Lost in a cave / Tomato Gravy"

Two tracks on a single sided 7" by Waylon Thornton H. H., it's something like The Cramps in The Trip with The 13th Floor Elevators!! 200 copies. (Goodbye Boozy Records)

-THE YOUNG PUNKS "Do you punk rock?"

8 tracks of real nice Frenchy Punk Rock sounding pretty much like it was recorded in England in 1977 except for the very bad French accent! Still gotta dig it! This dead band was from Tours, the guys then joined the Vibrafingers and formed the Fingertips. (Ersatz Records)


Skeptics played thrice with Dead Ghosts, twice in La Rochelle, once in Bordeaux, and that was far enough to understand that Bryan and the boys are but a bunch of jolly good fellows. Been following them from the great "Bad Vibes" 7" they put out on French record label Yakisakana in 2009 (you can find both songs on the "Rarities" LP out this year on Bachelor) up to their second album "Can't get no" out on Burger Records in 2013 and always been much contented with their own special blend of Garage, Folk and whatever's-in-there-too so far. They're definitely one of the best things which came out of Canada in the last few years along with Demon's Claws or Indian Wars. They are working on their third full-length at the moment and gave us this neat cover of "Girl", from Back from the Grave fame's The Keggs for this record. Skeptics, long-time Frantic City favourites since we put out the first 7" in 2009, are also working on their third full-length and the garagesters from La Rochelle - who are now a four-piece band, which means twice as much Fuzz and Reverb!! - came up with a very personal rendition of 60s Dutch band Groep 1850's first A-sider "Misty Night", perfect match for this split 7". So here you go, two 60s covers by two of the most exciting contemporary Garage bands from Canada and France, wrapped-up in a nice full-color cover by Brussels' own Robin Renard and pressed on colored vinyl. Limited to 300 copies so you know you'd better act fast! (Frantic City Records)


Both bands are from Brussels, Belgium, and they share their bass player, so that's basically a "kissing cousins" kind of split! Frantic City home-band White Fangs goes heavier than usual with "Shit Happens", recorded during the same sessions as the LP, kind of a tribute song to the mighty Cosmic Psychos. On the flip the guys from Warm Toy Machine who put out a great debut last year and are working on their second LP finish us off with their dirty, raunchy, extra-fuzzy mix of Garage, Punk and Blues. Both songs were recorded by Lo'Spider at Swampland so you know it's going to blow your stereo!! Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies with 2 different covers. (Frantic City Records)



Chickpea Records presents an international garage split, volume 3 : 2 Bands / 4 Songs. Third installment in a series. This time delivering The Fadeaways from Japan and The Smoggers from Spain. Get it now!! (Chickpea Records)


These two bands from Lyon, France, share one member, Noise-Garage with Bare Hands on side A, sounds like a much darker Wavves, SIDA on side B are more of a Trash Punk Noise band. Cool stuff! (Inch Allah Records)


The San Diego quartet called Christmas Island provide another interesting specimen for study, their tin-cans-with-strings lo-fi production making "Morning Sunshine" sound like a remnant of Southern Hemisphere indie rockers the Clean and their early-1980s New Zealand peers. That the production sounds vintage is doubly appropriate, since the track is a cover of a song by Jeff Lynne's pre-ELO band the Idle Race. "Seems like the world's late/ 'Cause I can't wait/ For sunshine in the morning," guitarist/vocalist Brian Carver observes. Christmas Island's guitars are grittier than on the Idle Race version, and Carver's slack indie-dude vocals replacing Lynne's Lennon-esque ones, but they're still backed by Beach Boys oohs and heavy-footed Maureen Tucker-style drumming. (FDH / Shit In Can)


Two tracks per band, the Botox Rats are from London and do it the Stitches, Smut Peddlers, The Ends' style, the Dead Ringers are from San Francisco and play faster and dirtier, cool shit! (No Front Teeth Records)


An Italian band on one side, an Irish band on the other, cool and weird Garage Punk for fans of the Mummies, DMZ and Back from the Grave stuff! (Vinyl Junkie Records)



Two bands, Paris Vs Marseilles, very energetic Punk Rock. Wipers, Buzzcocks or Warsaw influences for the Aggravation and New Bomb Turks, Stooges and Ramones for the Defenestrors. Cover by Olivier Gasoil. (Relax-O-Matic Vibrator Records)

-V/A "A Stompin' Party with 6 Rockin' Bands from New England"

 This 7" includes some of New England’s most interesting bands on the underground rock-n-roll scene. You get six bands playing Surf, Psychobilly, Garage and Punk. What unites them, is pure raw energy and rock-n-roll. This project took a long time in the making and we are extremely proud that it’s finally here! Featuring : Icepicks, Murder Weapon, Antiseptic, Radiator Rattlers, Caught Flies and Grubs. (Chickpea Records)

-V/A "La Rennes du Garage"

Four new and young Garage/Punk/Trash bands from Rennes, Bretagne, play one track each. Good stuff from young French bands, nice artwork, cool shit! (Open Art Surgery)




10 INCHES - 10 Euros

-ATTENTAT SONORE «Social headache»

Eight Punk Rock and Hardcore tracks sung in French by this French band from Limoges. (Guerilla Vinyl)


More Fuzz-Trash mayhem by Manchester Garage duo Brown Brogues, first side of the 10" features two tracks recorded by Ross Orton and two more by long time collaborator Eaglenose, the second side features two previously unreleased live tracks (recorded in Manchester) and two demos. (Stolen Body Records)



They’ve been around for some three years now and they’ve been touring over Europe quite a lot already – especially in Switzerland they seem to particularly enjoy – but they only released a 7-track cassette on French label Six tonnes de chair so far… Now the duo known as Dragster, formed in Rennes but recently exiled in Brussels, is finally back with something more consistent. It’s a 10’’ vinyl featuring 8 new Trashier-than-Trash Garage Punk songs recorded with Master Spider in his dungeon down in Toulouse, wrapped-up in a nice sleeve by fellow expat’ Lou l’Enfer (who was the hero of their first video « Lou l’Enfer chasseur de dragons » you should check out on Youtube !). Thick layers of Fuzz, over-reverbed vocals, acutely tuned guitars and heavy, primitive drumming, this all could sound like some early-Magnetix stuff to me… Co-released with Retard Records, dude. (Frantic City)

-SKEPTICS "Open Sea"

Skeptics are back with a new record and this time it's a classy 10'' vinyl (just look at Guillaume Sport Lukçe's neat artwork) featuring 7 new tracks from the French disciples of Fuzz. « Black lonely & blue », their sophomore LP, came out on Lisbon's Groovie Records at the very end of 2013, and since then the La Rochelle-based trio have been adding a fourth member, second guitar in the band, and relentlessly touring and recording new material at their favourite recording shack, Lo'Spider's Swampland studio down in Toulouse. Songs from these sessions already filtered as two different splits came out in 2014, first one being a split 7'' with Canadian crime-pals Dead Ghosts on Frantic City Records, second one being a split tape with Manchester party-boys Brown Brogues on Ultra Cool Records, which featured the song « TV Wizard » in it. A revised version of « TV Wizard » opens this new 10'' and it's a deluge of Heavy Fuzz straight from the beginning. But don't get it wrong, this here is not just another Garage record... With their dark and savage music and by means of grinding riffs and brooding chants, Skeptics bring us on an end-of-time Roller-Coaster ride summoning forgotten demons along the way. Now this « Open Sea » is most certainly a record to be prescribed to those complaining about Garage music becoming dull and boring nowadays! (Frantic City)


Now pretty well-known US band gives us 8 Straight-Forward Snot Punk tracks, for those who dig bands like the Stitches, the Ends etc. (Dead Beat Records)



The Toyotas put all their small gems into one handy piece of a record that looks and sounds... hell, even smells good!! So if you never caught their P.Trash 7''s, here is your chance again : you get all the songs from their ''Radio Off'', ''We can't dance'' and ''Run-down Cities'' 7''s, plus the original ''Zombies'', the Reducers cover ''Small talk'', plus a fast and ripping cover version of Ed Cobb's ''Tainted Love'' (better known by Soft Cell) that fits the Toyotas' personal style. 14 songs in a beautiful jacket with a 60s design that was stolen from some old dinner tray. Colored inlay shows all the original artwork. If the Toyotas are selling - you better be buying! (P.Trash)



12 INCHES - 12 Euros

-200 "Das Stockholm Syndrom"

200 is the first and only Punk band on the Faroe Islands! This is there first LP and it's a masterpiece, originally released in 2009 on CD, John Steam Records from Germany released it on vinyl for the first time in 2012. Furious mix of early punk in the style of the Minutemen, Garage-Rock and a slight touch of Post-Punk - and lyrics sung in their mother tongue. (John Steam Records)

-THE ABOUT:BLANKS "Ignore this product"

Your favourite loudest and snottiest bullshitters are finally bugging around again. It's been three years that their debut LP "12 Boring Blasts" was taken on by the specialized punkrock press with a bombastic lack of interest and consequently made the record to an "almost classic". However that's old news! Finally you will get the chance to ignore the next genius effusion of the weirdos from Europe's melting point of oddness but you shouldn't! "12 Boring Blasts" is completely sold out and as of now 10 is the new 12! 10 new songs representing the now-sound of yesterday! 10 new songs recorded in the old fashioned way on a big 3 inch tape which proves that analogue truly is the new betamax! 10 new songs revealing the banalities of any situation in life. Soundwise? Think Modern Pets, Stitches and Briefs meet The Professionals & Buzzcocks meet a roadkill squirrel. Nuff said! (P.Trash)

-ASHTONES "Let us be the legends..."

Here is the last, ultimate and best Ashtones record! And it comes on Beast and Turborock Records, hell yeah! 10 tracks including a Turbonegro cover. (Beast / Turborock Records)

-BIRTH "s/t"

Devastatingly punishing debut here from Chicago dirtbags BIRTH!  Bathed in the same filth as Brainbombs, Drunks With Guns, Flipper and Big Black; Birth take cro-magnon riffs and shred 'em to bits as the sky collapses around 'em and they're buried in a pile of smoldering barbed wire. Think heavy, sludgey as fuck, proto punk that sounds like the Electric Eeels covering the Stooges using Sabbath's gear if it were stolen from a scrap yard and made out of knives. (Dead Beat Records)

-BLACK BUG "Reflecting the light"

Black Bug are a synth punk duo based in Bordeaux. On its face, the album features a handful of songs that definitely bring to mind the skate punk of the Spits or the sci-fi garage punch of Mind Spiders. But as "Threads" proves, they can also venture far outside the grips of punk music and straight into the territory of bleak synthesizers. This song sounds like the jittery, minimal, nihilistic descendent of Giorgio Moroder's "Metropolis" arrangements. It's a sound these two do well, especially because with "Reflecting the Light", their dark future world is usually tempered by a barrage of fuzz-smothered punk music. (XVIII Records)


Ten long lost nuggets of classic Teen-Cavemen Garage Punk mayhem recorded in 1984 in NYC by members of the Fuzztones, Purple Onion, Outta Place and Optic Nerve! Never heard before!! (Screaming Apple Records)


Minneapolis degenerates Brain Tumorsspit back with another angry ripper. Pure menacing HC barked over punishing barbaric thrash. Rippin' Guitar work all over this fucker hammering out some of the most raw and uncompromising music you'll ever hear. Mean music that's meant to hurt. And it does. If you dig shit like Negative Approach, Gauze, Lip Cream, or Clevo scums like, 9 Shocks Terror and The Inmates, this ones pretty much essential. (Dead Beat Records)


Our Melbourne mate is taking a break from being the frontman of Digger & the Pussycats, Kamikaze Trio and Russian Roulettes in order to get a more important job done, namely to give his newborn a welcoming, warm and good start into this world. Nonetheless, his own world still rotates around a sun that unceasingly shoots down hot rays of Garage-Punk. To prevent his world from exploding, Brat recorded these songs with a little help from his current friends fatigue, confusion and dopamine all by himself in his bedroom in the wee hours of the morning. It comes as no surprise that the 11 songs on his second solo record range from the Digger styled Garage-Punk sound, the driving and melodic Wipers catchiness, to the distorted beauty of “Johnny Sparrow“, a song which sounds as if Jay Reatard’s ghost would have turned the knobs. No question, Brat Farrar’s world has changed. Yet, he remains an all singing and dancing new wave machine with a heart full of noise. (P.Trash)

-BRIMSTONE HOWL "Blowhard Deluxe" NEW!!

Roaring out the gates with a gale force of noisy, feedback-drenched guitars and thunderous pummeling drums, the pride and joy of Lincoln, NE return with a snarling, shambolic vengeance. On  'Blowhard Deluxe', Brimstone Howl continues to exorcise their putrid, grimy Rock & Roll demons by primitively, pounding Blues fucked riffs into gloriously-trashtastic backwoods anthems. The fingerprints of Brimstone Howl's sound is seeped in the rich musical grime of bands like The Gun Club, Billy Childish, Radio Birdman, The Cramps and The  Oblivians; and they cathartically spew raw, gritty blasts of Riff & Roll supremacy. Pioneers in the underground Garage scene, Brimstone Howl have come a long ways since their early days working with Jay Reatard and Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys). Another winner from the Howl. Cover art by Ben Lyon. (Dead Beat Records)

-BROWN BROGUES "Born to lose"

The shy and retiring Brown Brogues finally unveil their debut album Born To Lose, after a stint of gigs around Europe, playing on a boat in Sweden and a, ummm, "dungeon" in Manchester. If you're not au fait with the loud duo, they're kinda like every great, rough-around-the-edges US garage rock outfit... except they're from Wigan and you wouldn't be intimidated by them at the pub. Like, it's prob not an album you can let play through while you're doing some gentle housekeeping, but if you're into melodic yet unashamed scuzz that you can get whiplash dancing to, these guys should be your new favs. (Ultra Cool Records)


Double trouble garage rock twosome Brown Brogues are back with their new album ‘Triflin'’ alongside a truck load of tour dates. It would seem that the boys are all grown up, having moved to the bright lights of Manchester where they locked themselves in a disused mill and set about making their most mature sounding record to date. Keeping their DIY principles and love of analogue gear, ‘Triflin'’ was recorded at Graceland Studios on a reel-to-reel tape machine. Last year Brown Brogues brought us their brilliant noise infused debut album ‘Born to Lose’ and lovers of fuzz and distortion need not be disappointed, ‘Triflin’’ still has plenty of that, but this time with a healthy dose of control and a steady finger on the volume button. This time round, the songs are measured and delivered with precision. The biggest difference displayed on album two is the vocals. Having stripping away the screech of the radio mic, Vernon’s voice is laid bare only to be complimented by the impressive falsetto harmonies provided by drummer Ben Mather. (Stolen Body Records)


-CANYON SPREE "Garden of Evil"

Berlin-based four piece sometimes referred to as psychedelic, occult garage, western movie soundtrack or, interestingly enough, medieval surf. Their music thrives on myths and images, a closed-eyed cinematic escape from the dry plains of Terrence Malick's Badlands to the Transylvanian mountains, burrowing through hostile forests and cyclops' cave. The band's sound combines melodic hooks, raw and bright guitar tones drenched with reverb and echo. The twelve songs on the album were captured in fall 2014 on an ancient 24-track tape recorder at the Hit Fountain studio in Berlin. The soft and surfy sounds of the guitars occasionally turns into a fuzz roar, as they howl alongside the almost tribal beats of the drums. The sound of an organ calls for the gathering of witches, mesmerizing, both mournful and lighthearted. From the depths of the canyon, reverberates the communion of the spree. (Azbin Records)

-CELLOS "Bomb Shelter"

Stewing in the same sludgey, riff infected cesspool as mid to late 90's heavy hitters like Karp, Unwound, Godheadsilo and Unsane; this Windsor, Ontario three-piece write some of the most punishingly awesome tunes you'll ever hear. This is harsh, destructive music where warm, fuzzy riffs are king and loud, noisy feedback is lauded as they melt, slice, and demolish each song into acute ear fucking precision. Nods to the Melvins and Black Sabbath are pretty much essential as foundational purveyors in the genre. And Cellos fit right in with the above mentioned artists as a band that's pushing the boundaries of extremely heavy music, one crudely bashed low-end hit at a time. (Dead Beat Records)

-CHIMIKS "Modern Storm"

When the Fatals broke-up, Vince Posadzki, ex-Vipères, Aqua Nebula Oscillator, Bop Pop Killers and many others, originally from Quebec, moved to Paris where he started the Chimiks along with Louie Louie (Happy Burger) on bass and Ronnie Rollo (originally from La Rochelle, he played in a local cult Punk Rock band called Weak!!) on drums. It took them little time to record and put out a first 7" single limited to 250 copies on Élégances Records and then Slovenly put out their first 8-track eponymous mini-LP. This one was recorded at home, was super trash and fuzzy and sounded a lot like the "Free Cocaine" Dwarves : dirty, straight-in-your-face type of shit! Now the new LP, "Modern Strom", has been recorded in Toulouse, France, with Lo'Spider and Mike Mariconda (who played in the Raunch Hands, Devil Dogs... and recorded a number of records for Crypt including the New Bomb Turks' first LPs!) who came up from Spain to help Mister Spider capture the wild and savage sounds of the Chimiks. Of course their collaboration was explosive and the sound on this record is fantastic! 10 new tracks that still reek of the good old bloody Dwarves but also bring to mind uncompromising bands such as the Dirtys, Reatards and Motards. Most certainly the best sound-track to the end of the world that's actually coming in a few months now they say!! This one is co-produced with Barbarella Club Records, new record label in La Rochelle... (Frantic City Records)

-COMBOMATIX "Combomatix"

Back in 2010, Combomatix, the trashy Garage duo from Rennes, Bretagne, chose Frantic City to release their first 7". Now two years later they're still on Frantic City and they're back with their first album after a split 7" with Brussels' own White Fangs which came out in 2011. Ten new tracks recorded in Toulouse with Lo'Spider, great improvement that's for sure, a bit less trash and a bit more crunch! They did a great job with the guitars and this is by far the best thing they produced to this day. Their early recordings most certainly brought to mind bands such as the Oblivians or Gories, now these new tracks drenched in reverb got more of an Oh-Sees feeling. Limited to 500 copies including 100 pressed on clear yellow wax! (Frantic City Records)


Any band that matters has a career defining record and for Scotland's The Creeping Ivies, 'Stay Wild' is that record. ‘Stay Wild’ is a monumental opus of face-melting, fuzz bathed in the primal libations of Rock & Rolls past. Cut from the same treble-tattered cloth as greats like the Cramps, Gene Vincent, Thee Headcoats and The Oblivians; The Creeping Ivies seamlessly mesh stripped down 50's Rock & Roll, Swampy Blues, R&B and raw, unbridled Garage Punk into their own depraved, cauldron of Riff N Roll supremacy. With torn-toms, shredded guitars, and hauntingly carnal Blues howled vox, The Creeping Ivies dish out a primitive dose of mutated Rock & Roll that works. Cathartic, hot-wired, fuzz heavy filth from this feisty, ferocious two-some. Cover Art by Idonmine. (Dead Beat Records)

-DC SNIPERS "Missile Sunset"

The DC Snipers from NYC bring something different to the table with each of the 11 tracks on this album; and it’s hard to do that and actually end up with a record that’s good! But the Snipers have proven it’s not impossible. This album is not only good it's great!! Taking cues from other musical pioneers like the Screamers, Gang of Four, Urinals and the Electric Eels. Include Mike Sniper, Pre-Blank Dogs. Came out in 2006. (Dead Beat Records)

-DEAD POP CLUB «Autopilot Off»

Thirteen nice Pop Rock tracks by this French band. (Slow Death)

-DECHEMAN & GARDENER "Coup fourré" NEW!!

New album from ex-Dèche Dans Face "Decheman" from Bordeaux, now playing along with a young drummer (who also played in the Wonky Monkees), 13 tracks a great lo-fi but super groovy Garage Blues. Very nice! (Kizmiaz)


Departure Kids are a 4-piece power pop outfit from Marseilles, south of France. After a split cassette with Kaviar Special and a fantastic debut EP on RatPop records, we’ve decided to co-release their debut album « On The Go », with Requiem pour un Twister records. If you love The Nerves, The Real Kids, The Raspberries or '76 era Flamin Groovies, then this LP is for you. These 4 twenty-something kids sure figured out how to write catchy, high energy, instant-classic pop songs, and this striking « hits only » debut album undoubtedly makes them one of France’s finest power pop band! (Howlin' Banana Records)

-THE ELECTRIC MORMONS "Ainsi soient-ils"

French garage rock'n'roll band Electric Mormons (featuring Arsène Obscène from Veines and Flaschen) put out their first LP : ten 77 Punk tracks, pure rock'n'roll, pub rock and garage! (Mormons Records)

-THE FADEAWAYS "Raw, Wild & Wretched"

Mentored by Fifi and Fink of Teengenerate and raised on bands like the The Mummies, Supercharger, Spaceshits and the Rip Offs; The Fadeaways were pretty much destined to be a garage punk hit machine. Tokyo's The Fadeaways inject brash,  punk attitude into stripped-down, dirty Rock & Roll to create raw, raunchy rippers that just seethe uber-rockin' coolness. This is crude, sweaty, speaker cracklin' trash that has Budget Rock smeared all over it. If the above mention bands mean anything to ya, this one is pretty much essential. Rad lookin' cover art by Ben Lyon. (Dead Beat Records)

-THE FEELING OF LOVE "Petite tu es un hit"

The Feeling of Love’s first official LP from a few year’s back on Yakisakana Records in France. This one is a bit more punk, a bit more volatile and bit less polished than most of their later recordings. If you were into the 12″ on HSBX2 that was full of noise and mud, than you can imagine how this sounds if I say it’s somewhere between that “SOUL SUCK PORN” and “OK Judge Revival”. It’s still a great album, and is perfect for fans of JSBX, Cheater Slicks and Velvet Underground. Highly recommended to complete your FOL collection. (Yakisakana)

-LA FLINGUE "Adhésif Scotch Zéro Trois"

Here comes part three of the maxi series and it’s again a stunning 6-song-ammo from Marseille’s 77-punk-gun La Flingue. The first shot, the german sung “360°” is a killing pogo dervish for all ya sissies to get stalwart enough to crash a beer can against ya head. Strike by strike it goes on with that razor-sharp guitar salvos, hard hitting punky backbeats and cranky vocals in their catchy and unique French/English mixed style. Snotty ten minutes and it's over. This platter will take no prisoners, you’ll hear no cry for mercy, but you’ll be left in an adrenaline rush begging for more - so now it’s on you to kick someone’s ass. Packed in a mono-chrome-atic duct tape cover defacing again one of The Beatles’ top ten hits of the “Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time”. Recorded by Rudy and the band at the studio Cimetierre Saint-Pierre in Marseille during last turn of the year. (P.Trash)

-LA FLINGUE "Kleb-Stoff Zéro-Deux"

Awesome new Frenchmen combo with guys from Aggravation, Irritones, Les Jolis and Hatepinks. You know, the common morons we all know and love! They play a wild mixture of naughty, fucked up and catchy as hell '77 Punk Rock. While they mainly puke out their lyrics in English and French, the opener "Hass Hass Hass" is a totally weirdo-hit sung in lovely, half wrong German. It's just one of those very rare and special lyrical climaxes which will some day be named besides poets like Goethe, Schiller and this hobo I met a while ago in our local trash-park. There's also a pretty great cover of 999's "Homicide" on this little 12" jewel, played a little faster and dirtier as the original version. Comes with inlay and a (pretty in) pink cover-art. (P.Trash Records)


The second album by one of Montreal's finest weirdos Genital Hospital takes no prisoners. You get 10 catchy forceful & rousing KBD-garage-punk tunes being mired in psychedelic intoxication. A bit like Carbonas cover Modern Pets or way around including gang-vocals, great busy riffs, thirsty pogo beat and sprinkles of CPC Gangbangs and The B-Sides. A few tracks have a slightly southern touch owing to harmonica fills while others get driven by a simple but relentless organ vibe and cocksure all tracks kick ass. The whole damn thing is an all in all unique sounded smasher to burst any party - a really total boozy mess! Recorded & mixed by Jean-Michel Coutu, mastered by Ian of Dagger Eyes & perfectly illustrated by Darren Merinuk – a killer cover, one he says may be his best ever!! (P.Trash)


-GENITAL HOSPITAL "Eyes Full of Terror" NEW!!

Another great band from Montreal that is made up of the psyched out minds that brought you Demon's Claws, Primitive Hands, Scat Rag Boosters, Royal Routes and who the hell knows how many more bands and projects they have born and buried in the time I'm writing this. How is that possible that there is not a single lame project of anybody ever played in that band…? Genital Hospital just put out one great LP, that makes sense as an LP because it is good from beginning to end. Every one of the short 12 songs is a hit! No weak parts or psychedelic feedback indulgence here, this one goes all the way up-tempo. It’s not so much a swamp Blues or weird Country thing but rather real Punk. Also think of The Original Three and the Sinks in their best moments. (P.Trash)


-GO!ZILLA "Magic Weird Jack" NEW!!

Fiorentini band Go!Zilla are bringing their very own dirty, psychedelic acid to the forefront of underground music, corrupting many minds with their wondrous interchangeable sound. Hailing from italy, this three-piece has notoriously become one of a kind, completing a whopping 200 (or more) shows just in their short time together! New 6 track 12", only 300 made! (Beast Records)

-GO!ZILLA "Sinking in your sea" NEW!!

After the mini-LP “Magic Weird Jack” Fiorentini band Go!Zilla are back on Beast Records with their very own dirty, psychedelic acid sounds for a 10 track LP “Sinking in the Sea”. Hailing from Italy, this three-piece band is about to spread the world! (Beast Records)


-THE GOLDEN BOYS "Scorpion Stomp #2"

Reissue of the first album from this Texas band formed by ex Fireworks, Necessary Evils... James Arthur, real trash duo stuff, 11 tacks recorded and mixed in 9 hours at Sweatbox Studios, Austin! (Perpetrator Records)

-THE GORGONS "Stuffed Delice"

brand new album from Thee Gorgons, French Garage band from Paris formed in 1989, 13 new tracks (no covers) including a few real cool instrumentals. (Demolition Derby)

-GREEDY GUTS "Songs & Bullets"

Fifth album by this French band from Toulouse, 13 tracks, Speed & Fun Surf Punk sounding like a mix between the Hard-Ons and Meanies! Cover art by Hard-Ons' Ray Ahn! (Kicking Records)



Finally available the definitve anthology of Minnesota's Misanthropes! The band released four great and rare singles on the cult label Break'er Records between 1978-81. Some of these tracks appeared on various 'Killed by Death' and 'Hyped by Death' compilations during these last years. Their crude and weird music is a mix of influences that reminds The Gizmos, Residents and... Frank Zappa! Absolutely non conventional sound! The album includes also many unreleased tracks. All studio material! (Rave Up Records)

-HAVENOTS "Rock & Roll Weekend" NEW!!

Japan was a fertile Rock & Roll breeding ground during the mid 90s Garage Rock boom that spawned some of the best Punk Rock bands on the planet. Bands like Teengenerate, Registrators, Guitar Wolf and Yokohma's own The Havenots, not only stood out as Japan's imperial leaders in grimy, fuzz-fucked Rock & Roll but were also seen as bands that just seemed to get it right. The Havenots S/T LP released on Mike Lucas' Repent Records still stands as one of Garage Punk's crown jewels from that time period and their newest offering 'Rock & Roll Weekend' shows they just get better with age. With jangly riffs, swirling guitars, and a firey arsenal of pop injected Punk Rock hits, The Havenots cram so much raw, unbridled energy into these 12 fantastic cuts. 'Rock & Roll Weekend' is a bouncy, upbeat guitar-heavy album that echoes surges of The The Boys, Hollywood Brats, Buzzcocks and The Nerves with punchy Power Pop hooks and bawdy Rock & Roll charm. The production on this LP is monstrous and light years ahead of any of their previous recordings which really helps bring these timeless songs to life. Top notch song writing at work here from ex members of The Raydios. (Dead Beat Records)

-HEARTBEEPS "My bones are tattooed" NEW!!

Theirs no denying the impact that Bordeaux's TV Killers had on the international underground garage punk scene. They began in 1992 long before the hey day of the mid to late 90s garage punk boom and saw it through to it's perpetual demise. Out of the ashes of the TV Killers come Heartbeeps who quickly re-ignite the flame that their raggedly, rockin band once had. TV Killers fans will rejoince in the fact that not much has changed with time. The basic TV Killers blue-print is still intact. An adrenaline charged, dual guitar, smash n crash where steam roller riffs drill through frantic garage based punk tunes. Raw primitive Rock 'n' Roll that tips its cap to The Real Kids, Saints, DMZ, Pagans and the Zeros. Hell ya. (Dead Beat Records)

-HIGH BEAMS "Hallucination"

The High Beams play the kind of stripped-down rock 'n' roll that probably would've been called "punk rock" had it come out in '77 because punk was the only thing resembling real rock 'n roll music then. This is one of those rare CDs that immediately struck me on the first play, the songs are so good. Led by former Mullens/Vultures guitarist Matt Mayo - who also handles the lead vox - the trio pounds out great mid-tempo tunes with echos of the Heartbreakers, Dead Boys, Lurkers, and even some early '70s Stones type action goin' on. This is the kind of stuff that really gets the foot tappin' and makes ya wanna dance around like a maniac. "Look At Her Run," "Lori Looker," "Sleep Over," and the very Radio Birdman-esque "Tell Somebody" all get me moving. Yeah, this is really good. Alan Wright - 2003 (Dead Beat Records)


Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers take rock'n'roll, rhythm'n'blues – whatever you want to call it – and give it their own unique stamp and energy. They have somehow captured the true essence of rock 'n' roll, in a way that very few have been able to do, in a very long time. After 4 LPs out on Voodoo Rhythm Records, here’s the 2nd Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers LP out on Beast! (Beast Records)

-HORNY WACKERS "They are savage!"

Boasting a band name that's pure Rock & Roll idiocy personified, the Horny Wackers fuck your ears with this festering, trashtastic take on raw, primitive music. This hedonistic three piece spew an aural arsenal of Rock & Roll perfection as they pound, thud and strum their merciless instruments into submission. Think raw, passionate riffery baptized in Pussy Galore, The Cramps and the Oblivians then bathed in the rotting bones of Eddie Cochran. Seedy, back woods, Rock & Roll filth played fucked up, fuzzed out and straight from the heart. This is the real deal, mutants. (Dead Beat Records)


Check out this Punk Rock, Snot Rocket shot straight outta the back alleys of Oakland. Total Bay Area rager featuring members of Neon Piss, Knifey Spooney and the Ringers. This things got early East Bay, Pop Punk smeared all over it. If Lookout Records were still in it's hey day, Huff Stuff Magazine would be one of those bands that Livermore would put out and people would freak the fuck out over. The riffs are tuff, the hooks are bouncy and the tunes are a lil rough around the edges, but sooooo damn good. If bands like Pinhead Gunpowder, Crimpshrine, Cringer and early Green Day mean anything to ya, Huff STuff Magazine are swimming in that same Punk infected cesspool of awesomeness. Total banger for the wet brains. (Dead Beat Records)

-THE IMPOSTERS "Animal Magnetism"

So many modern bands have has been described as surf punk, but almost all of them fall short. The one band that comes to mind that truly fits that description is Hermosa Beach's The Imposters. Raised on bands like Agent Orange, the Adolescents, the Gears and JFA, The Imposters impecably revive a sound that hasn't been done justice in many many years. Through snarling bouncy riffs and shredded wasted nights, they carve out 13 nasty anthems of surf infected punk rock. If bands like the Simpletones, Sick Pleasure, Agent Orange, Red Kross or Negative Trend mean anything to ya, then this one's definately right up yer alley. (Dead Beat Records)

-THE INTELLECTUALS "In the middle of darkwhere"

The fourth LP by one of the longest-living punk bands in Rome. This one is the darkest, as the title suggests; an ode to the political and cultural decadence currently swallowing the Mediterranean. Here, our post-post-modern troubadours sing our dark times through nine tunes and five interludes that range from Black Flaggish brutality to Jonathan Richman melancolic playfulness. The little apartment punk interludes fill in the gaps between different states of mind and the result is like a half hour of non-stop descending in a creepy/fun Intellectuals theme park. As usual, the now stably four piece band (with the addition of Strasbourg little legend Cheb Samir, also in Jeetkune' fame artists Bobsleigh Baby and Caputtini 'I Lignu) delivers a milkshake of different sounds and atmospheres, although still dwelling in their tradition of loud punk attitude which peaks  in short, fast, and wild anthems. (Jeetkune)


Though he might still be a few steps away from his teen idols Slash and Bruce Springsteen, Jaromil Sabor managed to build himself a solid reputation among the French Rock scene during the last ten years. Growing-up in Bordeaux, he played silk-soft Pop songs with The Artyfacts before getting a little angrier, howling in Garage Punk band Arthur Pym & the Gordons. But it seems like it is only since he started his solo project that he was able to fully express himself… Back in 2012, « Marmalade Sculpture » gave a first insight into his obsession with well-wrought poetical Pop. Two years later the amazing « La Santa Roja » confirmed his lust for adventure. With this third record, Jaromil Sabor keeps doing whatever he likes without seemingly caring about anything around him – including current music trends. This truely is a frantic record and the sounds coming out of this piece of plastic picture a permanent battle between elaborate Pop melancholy and primitive Garage Rock energy.
Soberly named « III », this record is announced on Frantic City Records - who already released a tape by Jaromil Sabor & Prêcheur Loup earlier this year - and to celebrate the release of his new record, Jaromil Sabor will be touring France, Switzerland and Belgium in February 2016 with a bunch of guys picked from bands such as The Fatals, Skeptics, Bad for Bugs and Prêcheur Loup.
(Frantic City)

-JIMI WAS GAIN "Weapon of Woman Destruction"

Pure juice garage from Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France. Jimmi Was Gain performs their special blend of blues punk with a brand of showmanship and energy that makes their live shows headed toward legendary status. (Hover Craft Records)


Last Night is not really new in the game, having been in the surf band The Cavaliers, taking someone from the garage punk band Fix-It too. They first put out their album on Le Turc Mecanique, in the format of a cassette, a sturdy ten-tracked release. Now they’ve released a physical edition on vinyl featuring both tracks from their first 7" as well, making it a 12 track 12" record and a really interesting blend of garage rock and the best of post-punk, a screamer of an album that should’ve been listened to until the ears were bleeding, kicking it out with a punk attitude. Fortunately enough, you can do that now. (Manic Depression)

-LOOSE LIPS "Talkin' Trash"

After the Infections, Shane White (Rip Offs) went on with the Loose Lips, 3 guys from the Infections + another bass player. The Loose Lips played the same kind of stuff as the Infections, lousy dirty punk rock. Cool stuff, great Hollywood Brats cover. (TKO)


LOS DOS HERMANOS "Bourbon, blood and sea-foods"

Los Dos Hermanos are a garage duo formed by ex Sunmakers' Billy Dorados on white Stratocaster and Carole Tweedlady on drums who create summery atmospheres through echoey vocals, surf music stylings, catchy guitar lines and pop melodies, with punk attitude and raw energy on top, all mixed into one explosive and unique formula. Though influenced by both '60s legends and new acts such as Thee Oh Sees or Ty Segall, the duo designed their very own vision of the genre, an exotic brand of garage rock filled with unexpected historical references, due to their shared passion for History, hence song titles such as « Robespierre » or « Louis XVI » and the revolution-inspired artwork by Victor Marco. (Howlin' Banana Records)

-MADCAPS "s/t" NEW!!

Unhinged, deranged, completely mad garage savages, The Madcaps, from Rennes, in western France, are pedlars of fast-paced adolescent punk, held together with tight beats and wrapped up in fuzzy guitar. But more than this, they know how to be suave - side-stepping comfortably, these assured groovologists know how to ladle up the smooth mid-tempo, the warm round bass lines having one sole and unique purpose: inducing longitudinal motion in the listeners' hips. (Beast / Howlin' Banana)

-MAKEOUTS "Back to sleep" NEW!!

Makeouts are a Stockholm, Sweden based Garage Punk band. Three years after the release of their critically well acclaimed debut album they are back with their opus magnum, „Back To Sleep“, a true masterpiece that will make waves and stand out of the tons of crappy "garage rock" records that get shoved into your ears each and every week... This full lenght contains noise, chaos and beauty, inspired by lots of cool music, but without sounding either retro or like a carbon copy. Europe now got their own brilliant garage punk band, the Makeouts. (Bachelor)



Weird Noisy Garage Punk from the South of Belgium, 14 tracks, think Le Face meets Venereans! (Tandori)


Third album for Montreal's French-Canadian psychedelic party animals! Tune in, turn on, drop out!! Cassette on Burger. (P.Trash)


Listening to the first track one thing falls into place: Le Kid is only absorbed in Les Marinellis and not blown away, as your mind will do. You’re right there where the great debut left you – deep in a sweeping frisky 60s garage pop huddle. The second song “Le Ciel“ comes kinda like a lost gem from the Demon's Claws songbook – pure country psychedelica. Clappin’ hands and shamblin’ through “Deux Pour Trois” then inhalin’ the hazy musing of “Seul” these dudes will bring you to the light of “La Vie” at the end of side A. The flip side features even five more super catchy tracks in the vein of Jacques Dutronc and Demon's Claws, but the last dance “Mes Yeux” is a goddamned hit! All performed in a sloppy Black Lips and Le Chelsea Beat parlance and at some moments the band reminds me a little of Los Growlers with balls. (P.Trash)

-MILE ME DEAF "Eat Skull"

Here's the debut LP by Wolfgang Möstl's Mile Me Deaf. For this record MMD teamed up (in parts) with the Maximum Miracle Center, which is the Sex Jams rhythm section. The 10 songs on Eat Skull are a fuzzy dream pop mixture, that never seize to bore me. (Fettkakao)


Ambitious effort from these London pukes. Miscalculations bash out 12 snotty, bruising Punk Rock hits spat in yer face by a couple a fucks from The Gaggers. Top tier, rapid-fire, Snot Punk that's got The Dickies, Buzzcocks and The Boys spastic, hyperactive charm smeared all over it - but with a very seething, morose, outlook that works well with the ferocious, poppy grit of the music. Jittery, razor-sharp Wire/Gang of Four/Wipers guitar tangents weave in and out of the songs that are all held together by snarling, bouncy First-Wave lunacy, bristling with fresh ideas and a poetic, melodic bite. Clever, creative song writing reigns supreme on this snearing, fuck-tastic ripper that's one of the gnarliest examples of modern day Punk Rock done right. File under "Good Shit". (Dead Beat Records)

-MODERN PETS "Sorry. Thanks"

Berlin fuck-ups stab out their own little corner of cool with their newest Ritalin-rampant rager 'Sorry. Thanks'. Mixing the best elements of late-'70s/ early '80s Punk and adding their own little sparkling dash of now! Germany's finest unleash a dynamic album with fervent hooks, scratchy, cork-screwed guitar solos with a manic hyperactive personality that really sounds like no other band than the Modern Pets. By taking the snot-filled humor of the Dickies, a smear of street grime from the Adverts, and a kiss of  pop seduction from the Buzzcocks and Generation X; the Modern Pets create a timeless arsenal of degenerate-mutated Punk Rock hits. Contagiously, catchy tunes from the newest heirs to the Deutstchpunk throne. (P.Trash Records)


Frickin' A-Bomb dropped from the south side of Sweden. After a couplea pretty bad ass singles, Moralens Vaktare lose their kiddie shoes and check into the big leagues with this tough Rockin, back alley ripper. With their feet firmly planted in the Rock-ier side of Punk Rock, namely bands like the Real Kids, Gizmos and Heartbreakers; MV's continue their guitar slinging, Riff-N-Roll onslaught. You can tell these fuckers've given ample turntable time to their old musty Kids, Hubble Bubble and The Pack records. As this scuzzy mid-fi, diamond in the rough is like a punk rock-snot rocket shot straight outta 1978. Messy mangled riffs splattered in beer, Cheetos and fun. Tasty. (Dead Beat Records)

-NEW SWEARS "Junkfood forever, bedtime whatever" NEW!!

Best thing in Canada right now, and Canada’s full of brilliant bands these days. New Swears are back with their new album “Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whenever” only about one year after the release of their debut album “Funny Isn’t Real” (Bachelor / Dirt Cult) which got raaaaving reviews all over the world. The sound of the first album was a bit crummy / lo-fi in some way, this has changed totally here, but still they ride the rollercoaster in the theme park called “Rock & Roll all night and party every day”! (Bachelor Records)

-NEW SWEARS "Funny isn't real" NEW!!

Imagine Mean Jeans partying with the Black Lips! Jangly garage punk from these Ottawa party animals. The perfect soundtrack to getting drunk and jumping off the roof of a two story house into the shallow end and having to be carted off to the emergency room for a couple broken bones. (Bachelor Records)

-OVERCHARGE "Accelerate"

Iron fist Rock & Roll reigns supreme on Overcharge's debut. 'Accelerate' hits hard with a bludgeoning, blur of roaring riffs forged in the fiery ashes of proto-Metal, Punk Rock and Thrash. A brutally devastating concoction steeped in anger, drenched in distortion and brimming with an aggro onslaught of ear-shatteringly awesome tunes. Overcharge's music has a nice pounding, trebbley low-end rumble that's really hammered home by the crisp, beefy production that accentuates the punishingly-brutal, guitar solos that interweave themselves through each and every song. Burly fuckin' riffs for days on this record that spews an unrelenting whiplash of Punk-inflected Metal painting a grim, bleak picture across 10 finely crafted anti-hits. Raw, guttural power and skull-crushing Rock & Roll never sounded so good. Fans of  The Hookers, Nashville Pussy, Motorhead, Entombed or Midnight will be all over this. Fuckin' killer debut. (Dead Beat Records)


It shoudn't be too hard to talk about an album. But now that Owen Temple Quartet has entrusted us with the release of "Rot in the Sun", it appears that we have our work cut out for us. However thrilled we could have been by the band members' other activities (No Guts No Glory, Bad Chickens, Rodéo Massacre...), it soon became obvious that "Rot in the Sun" was a mysterious record, one with a powerful identity. This last album spits out a thick richness and contagious darkness, with urges reminiscent of the Gun Club and Chrome Cranks, a Movie Star Junkies-esque fever with Nick Cave's ceremonial tone. "Rot in the Sun" is one of those albums whose theme and atmosphere just won't go away. (Casbah Records)


We are beyond honored to present to you an amazing live show from 1979 by The Beat, feat. Paul Collins of The Nerves and The Breakaways, Mike Ruiz (drummer for Milk n Cookies), Steven Huff and Larry Whitman. Classic powerpop songs (includes classics "Rock & Roll Girl" and "Walking out on love"), played to perfection by The Beat at an exciting period in their career, when they were first starting! The show was played at the Palladium on December 13, 1979. One side only! 500 Handnumbered copies. (Rockin' Bones)

-PUSRAD "Erarre Humanum Est"

Phenomenal LP here from Sweden's finest, Pusrad, who feature two former members of the almighty Raped Teenagers. Creative mutants Pusrad continue to redefine the boundaries of Punk/HC with fresh ideas and blistering songs. Pusrad take cues from classic US HC bands like Deep Wound, FU's, Jerry's Kids, and Koro; but throw in really weird off kilter riffs and unsuspecting, stop-start tempo changes to really make their songs stick. The crisp, clean production really captures their ferocious, manic energy and for a HC band their musicianship is impeccably tight. 'Erarre Humanum Est' is as relentless as it is creative, and the unpredictable, uniqueness of each song is really what makes Pusrad's music stand out. Flawless Swedish HC here from a band that continues to impress. (Dead Beat Records)

-REGAL "Two cycles and a little more" NEW!!

Regal is probably the only French garage band whose members met on World of Warcraft. Very quickly confronted by the limits of their skills on banjo, Xavier (drummer for The Last Rapes of Mr. TeachLe Pécheur) and Caelan put their folk aspirations aside, called upon Maxime to play bass guitar, and turned to a post-garage-punk-psych-country style. They were also joined byAntoine Marchalot, the "living good of comical comic strips," whose personal and unexpected sense of humor is equal to his sense of rhythm. The band organized several European tours, sharing stages with HellshovelThee Oh SeesJ.C. Satàn,Strange Hands, Le Pécheur, SkepticsMountain Bike, and more, and released two albums, "Possible Endings" (Frantic City Records, 2012) and "Misery, redemption and love" (Azbin Records, 2013). Maxime has since retired from Regal and from his bass amp to pursue the observation of the cosmos, and the band has turned to Fadi, a metallurgist often present in La Barrière, a thick and aging building in the ghost town of Chercq, Belgium, where Xavier and Caelan live. Caelan and Xavier now present the band's third album, "Two cycles and a little more". (Born Bad)

-THE ROUTES "Skeletons" NEW!!

The Routes are one of, if not THE best garage outfit out there today, and their new album just confirms it. So forget about the bands hiding their inadequacies behind tons of effects and divert your attention with their flashy costumes. Forget about the bands who claim to be garage bands, but play a wimpy mix of shoegaze and light pop. You can even forget about the multitude of garage bands who got the right idea and gear but fail to deliver. This is the real deal! Eleven songs that only rely on raw talent, raw power, and raw production (and the scuzziest fuzz guitar sound you’ve ever heard) to deliver some of the best garage punk tunes this side of ’66. Yet, unlike many of their 60s counterparts, the Routes managed more than a one hit wonder, as you’ll rapidly realise listening to Skeletons. The album is simply full of memorable tunes, bursting with pissed-off energy and earworm melodies, and the Routes’ highly distinguishable sound. So play that record already, and get ready to blow the cobwebs off your speakers with the stompin’, grindin’ sound of the Routes! (Groovie)

-SAPIN "Wrong Way"

Sapin is a three piece garage-country-surf-pop band formed in Rennes, France. Influenced by the American scene, from the Black Lips, Dead Ghosts to Demon's Claws as well as european bands such as Regal or Movie Star Junkies and others, their shows are always driven by a lot of fun and energy. The bouncing bass, the country rhythms sometimes surf beat and the wicked singing will surely make dance girls ! If you are not one, don't worry, you'll probably shake your ass too. Their first LP « Wrong Way » follows an excellent EP out in april 2013 on AzBin too. Twelve songs recorded in november 2013 between cool country as the hit « Wrong Way » and Garage, sometimes nearly pop as in « Diamonds and pearls ». Those three dudes are good in wanker slow cool songs too as « Lost beach » or « Rock around the topic ». Such fun as immediate! (AzBin Records)


Inner city mutations reign supreme on this shambolic, scuzz-pop ripper from bowels of Los Angeles. Throbbing bass, jagged guitars, and dreary vocals anchor each tune with grimy proto punk toughness and clangy, post punk grit. And the poetry-as-lyrics vocals are smattered with splashes of Keys and a Moog that have a real rhythmic, almost mechanical, feel to them that kinda comes off a little like Devo. But don't take that as them sounding like a Wave band, because they're far from it. Shark Toys' music is carved out of the ramshackle, pop-fused, punk of bands like the Modern Lovers and Television Personalities. Intimate and shambolic, gutter-pop, slop polished in Swell Maps, Raincoats and Gang of Four decadence. Recorded and mixed by Monty Buckles of the Lamps/Wounded Lion. (Dead Beat Records)

-SICK THOUGHTS "Terminal Teenage" NEW!!

Baltimore scumfucs Sick Thoughts come blaring outta the wasteland with 'Terminal Teen Age' and boasts an actual Teenager that blasts awesomely trash-tastic stabs of crude n cruddy Rock N Roll. Seething with nihilism, anger and a ridiculous amount of energy,  this is sloppy, shambolic Garage Punk at its best and threatens to explode into three different directions on each and every song. The string-bashing guitar work alone throws surprisingly agile Blues, Garage and Rock N Roll riffs straight against the crumbling wall to create pessimistic, volatile Teen Age anthems with angst-ridden hooks and catchy, scream-along choruses. 13  bristling tracks of barbaric Rock N Roll trash with an obvious nod to greats like the Oblivians, Reatards, Teengenerate and the Gories. (Dead Beat)


-SICK THOUGHTS "My mess my life" NEW!!

De-gen Scumfucs Sick Thoughts continue to pick their Garage Punk scabs and stab their way through this atrociously, awesome ripper. 'My Mess My Life' fully lives up to it's pessimistically, seething name by spewing an undeniable arsenal of grimy, scumtastic hits. Echoes of the Pagans, Reatards, Oblivians and GG Allin are screamin' outta this nihilistic, fuzz-fucked, riff fest where Sick Thoughts effortlessly find their cathartic sweet spot lodged somewhere between hatred, intoxication and ineptitude. The burly, brazen riffs are splattered with snarling, bleeding guitar solos that just ooze Teen misanthropy through shredded, mangled chords and venomous, biting vox. (Dead Beat)



14 unreleased tracks from 3 different Sir Bald Diddley's bands. Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers (4 LPs out on Voodoo Rhythm records) put 7 tracks on side A, the Kneetremblers are none but Bruce Brand (Milkshakes, Headcoats, Kravin A's, Masonics...) on drums and John Gibbs (Kaisers, Wildebeests, Masonics) on double bass, the two Medway Scenesters play some Garage / Rockabilly / Rock & Roll with thee Sir Bald Diddley! Louie & The Louies kick side B off with 5 Surf / Frat tracks and the record ends up with 2 Garagey tracks by The Legs, short-lived band formed in Spain with Mr Pibli (Cynics) on drums and Jorge Explosion (Dr. Explosion) playing the bass. Most of the 14 tracks were actually recorded at Jorge's analog recording studio, "Circo Perrotti" in Gijon, Spain = good music with a good sound! (Beast Records)

-SKIP JENSEN "Abscond"

Montreal is way up there. There are several one man type bands from up that way right now. Something strange and unique is going on up in the French-speaking city. Blues. I would think there might be some more connection to Cajun music. It’s interesting; I’m not sure what the driving force behind all this is, and that doesn’t matter. What does matter, is if this is something that you should get your hands on? The answer is yes. Skip has another band that I know of, and that’s the Demons Claws. Freakin’ great stuff with that band as well. (Demolition Derby)


Formed in 2012 by ex-Mystery Girls guitarist Jordan Davis, former Temper Temper keyboardist TJay Christenson, Father Phoenix drummer Tyler Chicorel (who currently handles bass duties for the equally awesome Call Me Lightning) and Goodnight Loving bassist Colin Swinney, the band currently includes bassist Srini Radhakrishna (Circles, Football, France Has The Bomb), following Swinney's departure to California. Healthy helpings of melody, rhythmic diversity, and intriguing instrumentation make their self-titled debut LP a constantly shifting, magical entity. There's an almost science-fiction element to many of their songs, such as "Jupiter Calling" and "Anything is Possible" which is completely in line with the effects-laden guitar lines and washes of keyboard. However, Space Raft can abruptly shift gears into songs such as "We Are Not Alone" or "Rescue Mission" which are pop at its finest. Diversity is the key to Space Raft, a quality which, unfortunately, is sadly lacking in many modern bands. Recorded in late 2013 at Milwaukee's justly famous Howl Street Studios by Shane Hochstetler, and released jointly by Bachelor Records and Dusty Medical Records (USA) in May of 2014, Space Raft will no doubt convince even the most jaded listeners that Rock music is still alive and well. Do yourself a favor and check it out. (Bachelor Records)

-STRANGE HANDS "Children shouldn't play with dead things"

Co-released by AzBin and Ayo Silver! in July 2014 and also available on Burger Records on cassette. Listening to the opening track of the Strange Hands's second long awaited LP, you will be able to notice a turn from the songs you've heard in their debut album "Dead Flowers". Almost two years after their first release, Strange Hands are coming back louder and maturer than before. Songs like "Tombs of Walkyries" or "Realm of Dawn" have a sense of epicness where I can clearly picture some kind of barbarian swarming through the enemy and beating them furiously against his shiny axe. A lot of powerful fuzzy melodies that could evoke bands like Fuzz or the latest Thee Oh Sees albums are to be heard on this (c.f the barbarian). Don't get me wrong, it still sounds like Strange Hands and has their imprint deep-rooted into this album. It may also feel that the band has given more importance to the instrumental parts, as a result : 6 tracks longer and less "garage" structured. An epic and comfortable listen. (AzBin Records)

-SUGAR KID "s/t"

Member of 455 SD and the Easy Aces (two High-Octane Rock & Roll bands from Grenoble, France) since 2008, the Sugar Kid starts playing on his own in December 2010. After a (very) difficult and (awefully) bad beginning, he puts himself together and records in December 2011 his first demo. Now here's the ultimate collection of Sugar Kid's EPs. Two front sleeves included on one 12" vinyl, it's like buying two for the price of one! Nice cover art by Van Gogo. (Electric Men Records)

-THE SWINDLERS "First issue"

The Swindlers' LP, came out on Dig! Records in 1997, 14 tracks for fans of Supercharger, early-Statics, Billy Childish and 90s Garage Rock! The guys then went on playing with the Bikini Men and Pneumonias. (Dig! Records)

-TRMRS "Sea Things"

'Sea Things' is a buzzing battery of rhythm and beat that effortlessly pushes fuzzed 60/70's garage punk through a jangly, trash pop filter. Kinda like Rocket From The Tombs covering the Sonics with Dick Dale shreddin' some wacked out, feel good surfy jams at an all night rager on the beach. 'Sea Things'delivers that same kinda primal garage-scuzz depravity throwing in more than enough shambolic, fuzzed out twists and turns to keep you on your toes. If yer diggin' on stuff like Gestapo Khazi, Audacity, Le Face, Black Lips or Brimstone Howl, this ones a must have! (Dead Beat Records)


The Tubs might just be Ghent’s hardest working band. After releasing a full-length album on vinyl in 2010, disbanding in 2013, nevertheless releasing the ‘Birds Don’t Sink’ tape on Gnar Tapes and subsequently re-uniting in 2014, The Tubs are back with their third full-length album "Rag". The band has made a trademark of their seemingly effortless ability to whip out catchy, slightly off-beat garage pop songs and injecting them with the urgency of your favourite punk tracks. "Rag" by The Tubs is also available on cassette on Gnar Tapes. (Azbin Records)


After essential singles on Shattered, Goner, Goodbye Boozy... and a great first LP on TicTacTotally, the Useless Eaters are back with the third strike : A new 9 song LP. This is timeless unique music, catching the spirit and energy and rage of the first generation of so called punk bands to the deconstruction and nihilism of weird post-punk sound like Joy Division to KBD fucking punk sound aka Lewd, Urinals or Bobby Soxx. Fans of fellow Memphis Punk bands like Final Solutions, Jay Reatard or Destruction Unit will love them. (P.Trash)

-UZI RASH "Whyte Rash Time"

Sounding like a stripped down garage band diving head first into a bottle of cough syrup, Uzi Rash blast irresistibly, unpredictive tunes from the outer viscera of the garage scene. It's all bottom heavy, gutted, swamp-fuzz slathered in their own shimmering, oddball charm that helps Uzi Rash carve out  there own little pantheon of coolness in weirdsville. Sloppy, shambolic cave man thud that'll sidle up nicely against your Cramps, Swell Maps, Cheater Slicks, and Pussy Galore records. (Dead Beat Records)

-VEINES "Bourgeois Standard"

Killer French Punk trio with a wild, raw sound that’s reminiscent of some old French Punk bands like the Olivensteins or Strychnine. On their second LP Veines play fast and feral Punk that’s got addictive melodies that are fierce and unpredictable. And their’s no denying the underlying pure Punk structure running through these grooves of bands like Stalag, The Gears and even the Sick Things. It’s just really great and I thoroughly recommend this one! (Demolition Derby)


-VEINES "Perdus dans la ville"

Awesome retro-sounding Punk Rock influenced by bands like The Trend, Les Olivensteins, Stalag, Calcinator, The Sick Things and The Gears. Take bands like The Lurkers and The Kids, mix them with some early Raw Records sounds, put them in France et voilà - the album of the year. Ex-members of The Electric Mormons, Flaschen and Arsene Obscene. (Demolition Derby)


-WAISTCOATS "We are the Doctors"

Finally the new Waistcoats album is with us! Highest fidelity and beautifully packaged in a limited edition gatefold sleeve from the masters of Nederbiet. 'We Are The Doctors' is a vital record, trying to capture the timeless qualities of all good rock'n'roll while paying the dues both to the original 50's/60's Beat and Garage Rock and to the member's who own roots in the first 80's garage wave.  They are as powerfull as the Who.  They are as groovy as the Creeps and they’re as trashy as the Milkshakes.  Definately their best album to date and limited to a mere 500 copies and packed in a slick looking gatefold jacket! (Larsen Records)

-WEAK "Back from the Gooch!"

Forth and last album from these La Rochelle greasers, 12 tracks for fans of the Supersuckers, Turbonegro etc... (Turborock Records)

-WHITE ASS "White Ass"

You most likely discovered White Ass with their first recordings available on a split tape with The Skeptics out on Frantic City and Inch Allah records, then you surely must have heard their hit song "Stencil" opening Frantic City's various artist LP "Hamburger Saignant" out a few months ago, now here is finally their first LP, co-released by Frantic City, Kizmiaz, Pouet! and Inch Allah! 12 tracks recorded by Sashtrash and mastered by Seb Normal wrapped in a nice fold-out cover. For those who don't know them yet, White Ass is an all-star four-piece Garage Punk band from Paris formed by current or ex-members of Teenage Moonlight Borderliners, Viscous Brothers, Crash Normal, Pierre et Bastien, T.I.T.S., Feeling of Love and probably a lot more! They decided to bring this new band to life because none of those mentionned above actually went for this super-reverbed, trashed-out Garagey Punk sound that's already synonymous with fair-skinned buttocks in some parts of France, and you certainly won't blame them once you've heard those 12 rockers! (Frantic City)


Spring 2014 and Frantic City is putting out a various artist compilation album as its 27th release ! What you get here are 15 exclusive-to-this-release songs by 15 bands from all over France and Belgium playing their own kind of Garage Rock thing. Some may sound more Punk, some may sound more Psychedelic or more whatever… they’re all worth a listen ! With Pierre et Bastien, Regal, Forever Pavot, Chimiks, Mountain Bike, Angry Dead Pirates, Le Pécheur, Skeptics, Combomatix, Kaviar Special, Dusty Mush, White Ass, Bikini Gorge, Dragster and Forever Skeptics. Mastered by Lo'Spider, artwork by Antoine Marchalot. (Frantic City)


Blood Visions tribute by Retard Records and Friends. Limited to 300. All songs are covers from the album "Blood Visions" by Jay Reatard. Tracklist: 1–Bazooka "Blood Visions (Aimatochysia)", 2–Wolf Mountains "Greed, Money, Useless Children", 3–Dusty Mush "It's So Easy", 4–White Mystery "My Shadow", 5–Combomatix "My Family", 6–Lou & Les Garcons "Death Is Forming", 7–Qúetzal Snåkes "Oh It's Such A Shame" , 8–Babes "Not A Substitute", 9 –Los Reatardos "Nightmares", 10–Kaviar Special "I See You Standing There", 11–Sick Hyenas "We Who Wait", 12–Sapin "Fading All Away", 13–Dragster "Turning Blue", 14–Go!Zilla "Puppet Man", 15–Volage "Waiting For Something". (Retard Records)




-THE CHRONICS "On tape it sounds different"

The first Mooster release on cassette from the Chronics is here! “On Tape I Sounds Different” is 14 blistering tracks of power pop/rock & roll from these Italian masters of rock! This cassette is the first time on tape for the Chronics and compiles the best hits from their previous releases “It's Too Late” and “Suggested For Mature Audiences” out on Demolition Derby Records and the full sessions from the classic “First Time, Best Time” 7" on Rip Off Records. Including the never before released tracks “Let Me Know”, “The Sun Aint Gonna Shine” and a cover of the Rolling Stones gem “Connection”! This cassette is a piece of power pop and rock & roll history that we are honored to press up along with a digital download of the full release. Break out your tape player, and sunglasses, and crank this baby up!! (Mooster Records)

-THEE ICEPICKS "Hypothermiaddicts"

Debut release by Maine Surf-Punkers 'Thee Icepicks', think Phantom Surfers go skiing! 8 tracks, limited to 100 copies. (Chickpea Records)

-JAROMIL SABOR & PRECHEUR LOUP "You shall use your time... And your mama's too"

Loïk (Jaromil Sabor) and Antoine (Prêcheur Loup) met in Bordeaux in 2007. They played together in different bands such as The Magical Jumblies Club and Captain Kidd & the Dreamers, and then, in Winter 2010, the two of them started working on new stuff together. During Christmas holidays, their mission was to record a new song everyday. They were writing and recording on the couch in Loïk’s flat while spinning records - John Lennon’s "Mind Games", the Fresh & Onlys, Mr David Viner, Wilson Pickett… At the end of the holidays they had enough songs to start playing them live, and opened for bands such as Rita Braga, The Oscillation and more with this new band they had together. Then both of them went abroad for a couple of years, not seeing each other, and when they met again last summer they decided to re-record all their songs with a better sound. They did it in Antoine’s garden shack this time, bringing-in various friends for additional drums, synth or guitar parts… And this is how they came up with the ten songs making up this "You shall use your time… and your Mama’s too" cassette, alterning Folky ballads like fellow Frantic City band Regal knows how to cook (‘Nicole’) with straight-forward Spits-like space Synth-Punk songs (‘Calcomatraque’). Mastered by The Rest of Alfredo Garcia. Download Coupon included. (Frantic City)


Early recordings of these Russian wildmen, five stompers that could easily be taken as a forgotten '66 jam. 100 hand-dubbed copies only! (Chickpea Records)

-KEPI GHOULIE "13 for '13"

Kepi Ghoulie’s very first time on cassette tape! Mooster Records presents "13 for ’13" a greatest hits, if you will, of Kepi Ghoulie. One side of Rockers and one side of Ballads includes all of your favorites from Kepi’s solo albums! Limited to 250! Grab em while you can! (Mooster Records)

-KIT WHARTON "High, nice to meet you"

Comprised of two EPs (one new and one from last year), High, Nice to Meet You provides a look at the Brighton-based duo’s origins and how they’ve refined their powerful variety of garage psych-punk. The b-side tracks are remastered versions of their first studio recordings, and while they have a rougher edge and subtly naive gleam, they still hold their own when compared to the somewhat brighter, new tracks. “Scream Out” features slinky, surf-tinged guitar licks and drums that could drive through a mountain. Perhaps my favorite, the tape’s title track stands out with an immediately catchy opening riff and deftly staggering, cymbal-heavy drums; lurching between harsh, grungy choruses and sparser, jangling areas, the song is over before you know it and you’ve got to hit play again. (Cheap Trash Tapes)

-LADY BANANA "Wall of Cheese"

Swedish Trash Garage duo Lady Banana - formed a few years ago in Göteborg on the warm ashes of the mighty Tundra Fucks - came to France twice and managed to get some days off to spend in Toulouse’s Swampland Studios each time. First session (off which two songs ended up on the split 7’’ with Skeptics on Frantic City and two more made up their ‘I’m not you’ 7’’ on Beaver Milk Records) was during their Tour De France with Skeptics in October 2012, second session occured in Summer 2013 during the small tour they did in the South of France with Destination Lonely. Eleven songs where thusly recorded with Swampland wizard Lo’Spider, probably the best recording master they could’ve found to record their very unique blend of Garage, Punk and Raw Blues. So this is what you’ll get on this tape, the complete Swampland sessions from Lady Banana, eleven songs and more than half of them unreleased ! So all of you Cheater Slicks and Oblivians fans, don’t be foolish and get this little gem of a tape before it’s too late, only 150 copies were made… Download Coupon included. (Frantic City)

-MVPs "First two years"

Collection of MVPs' songs recorded in various spaces, with different line-ups over the past two years, since the band begun as a stomping kick drum Hasil Adkins rip-off boogie consisting of just Charlie. 14 songs all in all from the English band who's just put out its first 7" out on Slovenly. (Cheap Trash Tapes)

-PIERRE ET BASTIEN "Greatest Hits"

Their (fantastic) sophomore LP is just out on Polly Maggoo Records (Volt, Intelligence, Brainbombs, TITS...) and it was high time we put out a compilation of all of Pierre et Bastien's earlier material. From their first Drum Machine Punk songs ('No Sex') to their more recent and more sophisticated numbers with Trux on drums ('Stress et Paillettes'), everything's in there, even two live tracks recorded in Bordeaux and an unreleased track dating back to the very early days when Paul was still tinkering around in his bedroom ! Sixteen tracks all in all, which were previously released on labels such as  SDZ, Killedbyanaxe, Les Disques Flow, Pouet !, Born Bad and more, on a pretty little tape. Limited to 150 copies only, comes with a download coupon. (Frantic City)

-POWLERS "Little girl will revenge for her daddy"

Second album from Russian band The Powlers, Wipers-like Grungy Punk, 16 tracks, limited to 100 copies. (Chickpea Records)

-SKEPTICS "Open Sea Extended" NEW!!

Contains the 7 tracks from the "Open Sea" 10" + 6 more songs - "Misty Night" from the split 7" with Dead Ghosts, "Everyday Knight" from the split tape with Brown Brogues and 4 never released before!! All songs are from the same session done at Lo'Spider's Swampland studios. (Retard Records)

-THE STROKE BAND "Green and Yellow"

Green And Yellow is the collected recordings of legendary lost 1970s Deep South freaksters, The Stroke Band. Seen and heard, until now, by only a few South Georgia pot heads, rednecks, sheriffs, strippers, and intoxicated U.S. Marines. Fronted by Bruce Joyner – a swamp rat synthesis of Buddy Holly, Bryan Ferry and Jerry Lee Lewis – The Stroke Band were an art-punk aberration to anything else happening in South Georgia in 1978, 79. Joyner then signed to Sire Records with The Unknowns in 1981 and has released several acclaimed solo albums since 1983. (Gone with the weed)

-YAK "Hello from Downtown"

Debut album of Yak, solo project of Caelan, singer of Regal. 15 songs recorded all alone at home. (AzBin Records)


-Compilation ORCASTALKER

Compilation with every band on Azbin, including Kaviar Special, Mountain Bike, White Fangs, Le Pécheur, JC Satan, Regal, Strange Hands, Sapin... Artwork by Lou L'Enfer, only a 100 copies made! (AzBin Records)


-Compilation WORLD WAR III NEW!!

Third cassette V/A from Retard Records with Useless Eaters, Ausmuteants, Brain Traps, The Staches, Küken, Warm Toy Machine, Rigg, Yak, Druggy Pizza, Babes... About 20 songs all in all! (Retard Records)



CDs - 10 Euros

-BEAT BEAT BEAT "Living in the Future"

77 Punk/Power Pop revival close to the Carbonas, they cover Radio Birdman, pretty cool! (Dirtnap)



13 new tracks from this French band from Bretagne. (Turborock Records)

-THE BLACK KNOTS "Guitarmageddon"

Heavy Glam Punk for fans of Turbonegro, Candy Snatchers and the likes. Weird big sound! (Dead Beat Records)

-THE DEFENESTRORS "Gutter City Playboys"

Trash Garage Punk from Paris, 7 tracks

-DISCO LEPERS "The Girls of Cholera"

English Hardcore Punk, 22 tracks with titles like "Hepatitis Holiday Inn", "She's an Ulcer", "Starvation Beach", "Amputate me"... Like a super trash verion of the Briefs! (No Front Teeth Records)


-THE DONTCARES «Ugly... but well hung!»

Super Speed Motörpunk, 14 tracks (Mass Prod)

-DRUGSTOP "Riot in the Jail House"

16 tracks of high speed Hardcore & Roll like a mix between Zeke and the Hookers with an '80s Punk Hardcore touch! (P.Trash)


Famous Glam Punk Power Pop band, 16 tracks (Dirtnap)

-FEELERS "Learn to hate the Feelers"

Weird US Punk Rock, like the Cramps meet the Bad Brains! (Dead Beat Records)


-FORBIDDEN TIGERS "Magnetic Problems"

Debut 12 track album by this US band including guys from Brimstone Howl, Garage meets Punk, dirty sound, great songs, maybe like, say, LiveFastDie meets the Black Lips... It's actually that good! (Dead Beat Records)

-THE FOUR SLICKS «17 Wild Tunes...»

Hot Rod Punk from Paris, 17 tracks including everything from their different singles (Slick Records)

-GEE-STRINGS "Arrest Me"

The first album from these Germans on Dead Beat, total 77 Punk! 12 tracks (Dead Beat Records)

-GEE-STRINGS "A bunch of bugs"

Cool German 77-style Punk Rock, 11 tracks (Dead Beat Records)


Neat 77 Synth Power Pop Punk from the UK re-issued by this Japanese record label, 13 recorded in 1976 and 77 including the hits "London"and "Communiqué". Cool stuff! (Nat Records)

-THE GREATEST HITS "Saved my life"

Second album from these US lads who play a pretty cool Punk/Power Pop mix like the New York Dolls meet Milk N Cookies! 12 tracks (No Front Teeth)

-HEARTATTACKS "Here comes the Heartattacks"

13 amazing Garage Punk killers by this Swedish combo, get it straight if you dig Teengenerate, Supercharger, the Rip Offs or the Jet Boys! (P.Trash)



Mythical Belgium '77 Punk! It's the first album from Plastic Bertrand's first band, he's playing the drums here! Killer Killed By Death Punk, you just gotta have it! (Nat Records)



Second album from the mythical Belgian Punk band! Another darn cool one! (Nat Records)


-THE INDIGENTS "No cerveza no trabajo"

Rockin' Punk Rock, ten 77-style tracks à la Stitches or Spent Idols! (No Front Teeth Records)


Though he might still be a few steps away from his teen idols Slash and Bruce Springsteen, Jaromil Sabor managed to build himself a solid reputation among the French Rock scene during the last ten years. Growing-up in Bordeaux, he played silk-soft Pop songs with The Artyfacts before getting a little angrier, howling in Garage Punk band Arthur Pym & the Gordons. But it seems like it is only since he started his solo project that he was able to fully express himself… Back in 2012, « Marmalade Sculpture » gave a first insight into his obsession with well-wrought poetical Pop. Two years later the amazing « La Santa Roja » confirmed his lust for adventure. With this third record, Jaromil Sabor keeps doing whatever he likes without seemingly caring about anything around him – including current music trends. This truely is a frantic record and the sounds coming out of this piece of plastic picture a permanent battle between elaborate Pop melancholy and primitive Garage Rock energy.
Soberly named « III », this record is announced on Frantic City Records - who already released a tape by Jaromil Sabor & Prêcheur Loup earlier this year - and to celebrate the release of his new record, Jaromil Sabor will be touring France, Switzerland and Belgium in February 2016 with a bunch of guys picked from bands such as The Fatals, Skeptics, Bad for Bugs and Prêcheur Loup.
(Frantic City)


Garagy Punk sung in Spanish, fuzz, organ and simplified drumming, cool! (Dead Beat Records)



First album by the great US Punk Rock combo, 13 tracks. (Dead Beat Records)


First album from this young US Punk Rock band, somewhere between the Radio Reelers and Flip Tops, pretty cool! (Pelado Records)

-LE FACE "Isolation"

Great first full-length by this LA band, 13 weird Punk tracks, reminds me a lot of the Urinals and other like-minded KBD bands, more recently I'd say Feelers, Spits, Jay Reatard... Highly recommended!! (Dead Beat Records)


-LIGHTS OUT! "Destroy / Create"

Great first album by these Stuttgart Punks, 14 early 80s hardcore punk tracks reminding of The Circle Jerks or Reagan Youth. Real cool shit indeed. (Dead Beat Records)

-LIVE FAST DIE "Bandana Thrash Record"

One the greatest Fucked-up Trash Punk albums in the last few years back in stock! If you don't have it you're missing something huge! Think GG Allin meets the Spits mate!! (Dead Beat Records)

-THE MAGGOTS "Monkey Time"

Forth album by this Swedish band formed by some ex Crimson Shadows, more Soul/Frat influenced than his previous band, 12 great tracks! (Screaming Apple Records)

-THE MANIKINS "Crocodiles"

12 new tracks from the Swedish kings of Garagey Power Pop, they're even better than before. (P.Trash)

-THE MANIKINS "Lie, Cheat and Steal"

Third album by the Swedish band, great Garage/Punk mixing the best of the Hives and Devil Dogs! (P.Trash)

-MOTORAMA "Psychotronic is the beat!"

Last record from those two Italian chicks, real primitive garage punk!! (Dead Beat Records)


-NAZI DOGS "Good Vibrations & Vicious Transmissions"

8 tracks recorded live + 3 videos from the German Punk band, the sound is good and if you like PUNK ROCK then you'll love this piece of plastic! (No Front Teeth Records)


-NEON MANIACS "Bambina Trapiantata"

11 tracks on this CD, weird speed US Punk like the Catholic Boys meet the Aggravation! (Gonna Puke Records)

-PVC "Wall City Rock"

Fantastic German Punk Rock band which started in the late 70s, the guys are still around but these are old late 70s recording, great KBD-style stuff, 26 tracks, definitely worth it! The guys are from Berlin but they sing in English! (Incognito)

-RADIO REELERS "Shakin' at the party"

Their second album, cool rockin' punk à la Devil Dogs, Infections etc. 10 tracks (Dead Beat Records)


-RADIO REELERS "The Next Best Thing"

Their third one, even cooler than before! 10 more tracks (Dead Beat Records)

-REGAL "Two cycles and a little more" NEW!!

Regal is probably the only French garage band whose members met on World of Warcraft. Very quickly confronted by the limits of their skills on banjo, Xavier (drummer for The Last Rapes of Mr. TeachLe Pécheur) and Caelan put their folk aspirations aside, called upon Maxime to play bass guitar, and turned to a post-garage-punk-psych-country style. They were also joined byAntoine Marchalot, the "living good of comical comic strips," whose personal and unexpected sense of humor is equal to his sense of rhythm. The band organized several European tours, sharing stages with HellshovelThee Oh SeesJ.C. Satàn,Strange Hands, Le Pécheur, SkepticsMountain Bike, and more, and released two albums, "Possible Endings" (Frantic City Records, 2012) and "Misery, redemption and love" (Azbin Records, 2013). Maxime has since retired from Regal and from his bass amp to pursue the observation of the cosmos, and the band has turned to Fadi, a metallurgist often present in La Barrière, a thick and aging building in the ghost town of Chercq, Belgium, where Xavier and Caelan live. Caelan and Xavier now present the band's third album, "Two cycles and a little more". (Born Bad)

-THE REPEATERS "A sudden rise in the mercury"

First 12 track album from this Garage Punk band from Caen, France. Cool stuff. (Banana Juice/Turborock)



11 on the first album by the Snazzy Boys, the cool Punk/Power Pop band from Italy, think Boys, Eater, Briefs etc, real good stash! (No Front Teeth Records)


-SOMETHING FIERCE "There are no answers"

First album from this great Texas Punk/Power Pop band, real cool tracks with a real cool sound, 12 tracks that remind me of the Marked Men. Vinyl version out on Dirtnap! (No Front Teeth Records)


-THE STATUES "New people make us nervous"

"Let this Canadian trio take you on a non-stop power-chord ride through 13 brilliant songs that lean on English Mod-Punk as well as taking straight Canadian Power-Pop and stirring it up with slightly dissonant and sweeping guitar lines." Second album from these Canadians, pretty good indeed! (Pelado Records)


-TAXI "Like a Dog"

First album by the Italian Punk Rock combo, sounds like Electric Frankenstein, Pleasure Fuckers... (Dead Beat Records)

-TV MEN «Electric eye on you»

13 tracks, Punk & Roll (Mass Prod)

-WEAK "Supertramp"

First album by this wild band from La Rochelle, crazed-out Rock & Roll Punk, like a faster Cosmic Psychos or a crazier Bored! (Total Heaven)


-WEAK "Speed Freaks, Speed Weak"

The second one, includes great tunes like "Seethrough"or "Bonneville", fans of weird Garage Punk stuff should all own their own! (Total Heaven)


-THE WONKY MONKEES «Blood save your Soul»

First album, Garage Punk from Bordeaux, 12 tracks (Sharkattack)




-ZODIAC KILLERS "Society's Offenders" (5 Euros)

Home-made DVD burnt by Greg Lowery himself, includes all the videos the Zodiac Killers ever made ("Have a Blast" and "Society's Offenders" periods)!! Real cool, rip off style videos!! 10 video-clips all in all + many extras. Loads of fun guaranteed for a very very low price, just can't miss it!! (Rip Off Records)




-HIGH HEELS SLUT #11 (2 Euros)

Belgian but entirely English-speaking fanzine, 64 pages with interviews with the Spider babies, Spivs, Tundrafucks, Rocket Reducers, Sharp Objects, Modern Action, Sunpower + many, many, many record reviews and stuff!

-HIGH HEELS SLUT #9 (2 Euros)

All in English, interviews with the Heartattacks, Guilty Hearts, Pillz, Digger and the Pussycat... + reviews and stuff!

-LOST IN TYME #6 (7 euros)

Deluxe Greek Garage-zine written in English, 70 printed pages, A4 size. In this issue : Remains, Standells, Lyres, Gravedigger V, Wylde Mammoths, Higher State, Paul Messis, Basements, Mongrels... + 29 track CD with all the bands they're talking about in the fanzine!

-LOST IN TYME #5 (7 euros)

Deluxe Greek Garage-zine written in English, 50 printed pages, A4 size. In this issue : Downliners Sect, Fourgiven, Losin' Streaks, Kliek, Garage Gods, Crushers, Revellions, Keefmen, Skeptics... + 18 track CD with all the bands they're talking about in the fanzine!

-LOST IN TYME #4 (7 euros)

Deluxe Greek Garage-zine written in English, 54 printed pages, A4 size. In this issue : Rising Storm, Holly Golightly, Cynics, Thanes, Brood, Cheepskates, Mean Things, Urges, Gitanes, Los Peyotes, Os Haxixins... + 25 track CD with all the bands they're talking about in the fanzine!

-LOST IN TYME #3 (7 euros)

Deluxe Greek Garage-zine written in English, 50 printed pages, A4 size. In this issue : ? & the Mysterians, Vipers, Sick Rose, Way-Outs, Higher State, Movements, Fleshtones, Phantom Keys, Waistcoats, Purple Merkins... + 30 track CD with all the bands they're talking about in the fanzine!

-RUMBLE SKUNK #2 (7 Euros)

Cool Greek Garage/Punk/Psych fanzine written in english, interviews and articles about The Ultra 5, Lords of Gravity, Purple Merkins, the Way-Outs, Miracle Men and lots more, comes with a cool 27-track CD comp (Ultra 5, Purple Merkins, Way-Outs, Miracle Men, Slow slushy Boys, Lords of Gravity, Liquid Visions...). Black and White, printed.




TEE-SHIRTS - 12 Euros

-60 SECOND SWINGERS - last ones!!

White logo printed on black Tee Shirts (Fruit of the Loom) available in Small only


White Antoine Marchalot logo printed on black Tee Shirts (Gildan) available in Small, Medium and Large

-THE MEAN THINGS - last ones!!

Black Merinuk logo printed on white Tee Shirts (Fruit of the Loom) available in Medium only

-THE SWINDLERS - last ones!!

Black logo printed on white Tee Shirts available in Extra Large only