Atomic Suplex (Super Trash Garage Punk outta Croydon, UK!)

Cobalt Cranes (Weirdo Garage Punk from Los Angeles)

Thee Beavers (Lengendary Trash Lyres Garage Punk from Groningen, Holland!)

Four Slicks (Hot Rod Punk - Paris)

Magnetix (Thee Trash Garage duo from Bordeaux)

Combomatix (Cheap Trash Garage Punk duo outta Rennes)

White Fangs (1050 Garage Punk!!)

Wild Zeros (Garage Punk from Bordeaux/La Rochelle!)

The Pneumonias (Snot Rock!)

The Mean Things ('60s Punk)

60 Second Swingers (Cool Garage Punk from La Rochelle)

The Skeptics (Cryptic Fuzz Punk!)

Yussuf Jerusalem (From St Ouen with lots of love)

Veines (French Punk Rock from Nice!)

Heartbeeps (Killer Garage Punk from Bordeaux)

Weak (Hard Rock & Roll from La Rochelle!)

TV Killers (Let's have a Real Punk Rock Time! - RIP)

Creteens (Punk/Trash - Paris)

The Bikini Men (High Energy Surf Music / Fontenay Le Comte)

Carpet Sellers (Fuzzy Garage Revival / Paris)

Negative Waves (Bored! Teenagers from Valencia, Spain)

Tail (Rockin' Punk, still from Valencia!)

The Kids (Bloody Belgium)



1977 Records (Japanese label specialised in 77 Punk Rock/Power Pop re-issues)

Rave Up Records (Italian label specialised in 77 Punk Rock/Power Pop vinyl re-issues)

Overground Records (re-issues from the Satan's Rats, Jerks, Carpettes...)

High School Refuse / Reject records (Cheap Trash Rock & Roll - Holland)

Chickpea Records (young label from New York City - Thee Fine Lines, Wild Zeros...)

Soundflat Records (Great German Garage record label!)

Dead Beat records (always good)

P.Trash (I was killed by trash - Germany)

Alien Snatch! (Germany)

Lollipop (Massilia's Burning)

Relax-o-Matic Vibrator (Marseille)

Rockin' Bones (Italia's finest)

Dionysus (Punk Rock, Garage, Surf, Exotica...)

Get Hip (Home of the Cynics and many others!)

Crypt (Cool & Crazy!)



Frantic City (Myspace)

Frantic City (Facebook)

GrunnenRocks (Everything about everyone!)

The ModPopPunk Archive (Everything about 77 Punk and Power Pop)

Bananas Magazine (New York City Garage-zine!)

Rock Hardi (Fanzine - Clermont Ferrand)

Dig It! (Fanzine - Toulouse)

City Trash (Dutch Zine)

King Merinuk (Cool Art!)

White Trash Soul (Cool Greek Garage/Punk/Rockab' blog!)

Modern City Records (Real cheap button makers!)

Rat Fink (Ed Roth's Evil Creations! For Mormons only!)

Batmobile (The one from the '60s!)

Munsters (Learn everything about the Model American Family!)

Live and Rocking (Band Pictures)