June 13, 2016

We just found a few copies of Forever Pavot's "Christophe Colomb" 7"! Act fast 'cause there (still) won't be enough for everyone out there!!



April 16, 2016


-12" BUNDLE :
= 30€ instead of 36€!

-10" BUNDLE :
= 16€ instead of 20€!

-7" BUNDLE :
= 15€ instead of 18€!

= 9€ instead of 12€!

= 20€ instead of 30€!



March 29, 2016

-FRANTIC 039 : DRAGSTER "s/t"10"

They’ve been around for some three years now and they’ve been touring over Europe quite a lot already – especially in Switzerland they seem to particularly enjoy – but they only released a 7-track cassette on French label Six tonnes de chair so far… Now the duo known as Dragster, formed in Rennes but recently exiled in Brussels, is finally back with something more consistent. It’s a 10’’ vinyl featuring 8 new Trashier-than-Trash Garage Punk songs recorded with Master Spider in his dungeon down in Toulouse, wrapped-up in a nice sleeve by fellow expat’ Lou l’Enfer (who was the hero of their first video « Lou l’Enfer chasseur de dragons » you should check out on Youtube !). Thick layers of Fuzz, over-reverbed vocals, acutely tuned guitars and heavy, primitive drumming, this all could sound like some early-Magnetix stuff to me… Co-released with Retard Records, dude.

Get it for 10 euros + shipping - Mailorder

Listen on Bandcamp : http://franticcity.bandcamp.com/album/frantic-039


March 11, 2016

-FRANTIC 039 : DRAGSTER "s/t"10"

Bandcamp pre-order available now! Official released date : March 25. If everything goes well, this record should be available for Dragster's gig at Total Heaven, Bordeaux, on March 18, second day of the Frantic City Weekender!!



February 28, 2016


March 17, 2016

DIRT, Heartbeeps

Wunderbar, Bordeaux

March 18, 2016

Dragster, Combomatix, Destination Lonely, Pierre et Bastien

Total Heaven / Void, Bordeaux

March 19, 2016

Prêcheur Loup, Skeptics, Regal, Forever Pavot

Void, Bordeaux



January 25, 2016

Jaromil Sabor hits the road next week for a two-week tour of France and Switzerland supporting the release of his new album!

JAROMIL SABOR / Aedion Tour / February 2016

February 3 : BORDEAUX / I.Boat
February 4 : GRENOBLE / Maily's
February 5 : FRIBOURG (CH) / Mouton Noir 
February 6 : LUGANO (CH) / Casatto
February 7 : KREUZLINGEN (CH) / Horst Klub

February 8 : BIENNE (CH) / TBA
February 10 : PARIS / International
February 11 : LILLE / Joe Tex Café
February 12 : CAEN / Portobello
February 13 : SAINT MALO / Riff Magnétique



January 19, 2016


Formed in La Rochelle in early-2014 by Ugo (Charles Howl) and Bart (Skeptics, Pneumonias, White Fangs…), Double Cheese recorded their first 8-track tape - out on Ugo’s label Cheap Trash Tapes in April the same year - as a duo before Aline aka Kristal Suiker from Skeptics joined them on bass. A split tape with Coffee Saucers followed on Désobéissance Records in October bearing the band’s first recordings as a three-piece. Their sound evolved from Super Trash Garage Punk to something more consistent, and though it’s still Garage and it’s still Punk with lots of Fuzz and Reverb, they tried somewhat different things during their recording session at Lo’Spider’s in Toulouse in Spring 2015, adding touches of Pop colors here and there. The 4-track 7’’ does come with some pretty neat and colorful artwork by Brussels artist Robin Renard who was already responsible for their first tape’s artwork. This record will be available on the Double Cheese / Proto Idiot tour which will bring both bands high in the Netherlands, and will officially come out on January 19, 2016.

Get it for 6 euros + shipping - Mailorder

Listen on Bandcamp : https://franticcity.bandcamp.com/album/frantic-041


January 12, 2016

Pre-order for Double Cheese's 7" starts today! It will officially be out next week once they're back from their tour with Manchester's Proto Idiot which starts tomorrow in Paris.

Pre-order here : https://franticcity.bandcamp.com/album/frantic-041


January 13 : Paris, FR / La Mécanique Ondulatoire
January 14 : Kortrijk, BE / The Pit's
January 15 : Meppel, NL / Café Clouso
January 16 : Groningen, NL / Vera Downstage



January 5, 2016

Jaromil Sabor's new album, "III" (yes it's his third one), is now available on vinyl and CD!



Though he might still be a few steps away from his teen idols Slash and Bruce Springsteen, Jaromil Sabor managed to build himself a solid reputation among the French Rock scene during the last ten years. Growing-up in Bordeaux, he played silk-soft Pop songs with The Artyfacts before getting a little angrier, howling in Garage Punk band Arthur Pym & the Gordons. But it seems like it is only since he started his solo project that he was able to fully express himself… Back in 2012, « Marmalade Sculpture » gave a first insight into his obsession with well-wrought poetical Pop. Two years later the amazing « La Santa Roja » confirmed his lust for adventure. With this third record, Jaromil Sabor keeps doing whatever he likes without seemingly caring about anything around him – including current music trends. This truely is a frantic record and the sounds coming out of this piece of plastic picture a permanent battle between elaborate Pop melancholy and primitive Garage Rock energy.
Soberly named « III », this record is announced on Frantic City Records - who already released a tape by Jaromil Sabor & Prêcheur Loup earlier this year - and to celebrate the release of his new record, Jaromil Sabor will be touring France, Switzerland and Belgium in February 2016 with a bunch of guys picked from bands such as The Fatals, Skeptics, Bad for Bugs and Prêcheur Loup.

Get the LP for 12 euros + shipping and the CD for 10 euros + shipping - Mailorder

Listen on Bandcamp : http://franticcity.bandcamp.com/album/frantic-040

And so the band will be touring around France and Switzerland in February, here's the Tour Plan :

JAROMIL SABOR / Aedion Tour / February 2016

February 3 : BORDEAUX / I.Boat
February 4 : GRENOBLE / Maily's
February 5 : FRIBOURG (CH) / Mouton Noir 
February 6 : LUGANO (CH) / CSOA Molino
February 7 : KREUZLINGEN (CH) / Horst Klub
February 10 : PARIS / International
February 11 : LILLE / Joe Tex Café + REGAL
February 12 : CAEN / Portobello
February 13 : SAINT MALO / Riff Magnétique



December 15, 2015

We're launching a pre-order for Jaromil Sabor's new album today! It will be out on Vinyl, CD and Digital on January 5 but you can already listen to three tracks and order your own copy on our Bandcamp page : http://franticcity.bandcamp.com/album/frantic-040. The band will be touring France and Switzerland in February, check our Gigs page.

A Double Cheese 4-track 7" will follow, it will be available for their tour with Manchester Garage Pop trio Proto Idiot (formed by Andrew from the Hipshakes!) in January. Here is their tour plan :


January 13 : Paris, FR / La Mécanique Ondulatoire
January 14 : Kortrijk, BE / The Pit's
January 15 : Meppel, NL / Café Clouso
January 16 : Groningen, NL / Vera Downstage



September 22, 2015

Skeptics hit the road in October supporting their new 'Open Sea' 10" :

SKEPTICS / Open Sea Eurotour 2015

October 21 : HAMBURG (DE) / Komet
October 22 : BERLIN (DE) / Urban Spree Basement + Sick Hyenas
October 23 : GORZOW WIELKOPOLSKI (PL) / CKN Centrala
October 24 : WARSAW (PL) / Chłodna 25
October 25 : off
October 26 : VILNIUS (LT) / XI20
October 27 : RIGA (LV) / Klubs Depo
October 28 : travel
October 29 : STOCKHOLM (SE) / Human Audio
October 30 : ÖREBRO (SE) / Rockbaren
October 31 : GOTHENBURG (SE) / Smedjan + Lady Banana



August 5, 2015

So it's here now!

-FRANTIC 038 : REGAL "Layer World" 7"

Their landmark debut album « Possible endings » came out at the very end of 2011 as a co-release on Frantic City and Azbin, then their equally enjoyable sophomore « Misery, redemption & love » came out a year after on the band’s own prolific record label Azbin Records. Their third, « Two cycles and a little more », which is also quite something, was just released a few months ago on Born Bad Records. Now the first two albums were recorded as they could with the entire band but for the third album’s session - from which are taken the three tracks on this new record - they were only two members in the studio and took more time to work on their songs. And you do hear it.
They may have met on World Of Warcraft, as has been stressed before, but this is far from showcasing their sensibility and songwriting ability which made Regal - originally formed in Lyon, France, but now located in Tournai, Belgium - one of the top bands in the contemporary Euro-Garage scene. But this is still quite reducing, just listen to any song from Regal and you’ll hear Garage music alright but also pinches of Pop, Folk, even Country, music styles that the two comrades probably dig as much as Garage itself.
On their first 7 incher they’re offering us three songs they coudn’t fit on the third album wrapped in a nice Antoine Marchalot cover as usual. This one will officially be coming out on August 1st, at the band’s first appearance at the Binic Folk Blues Festival.

Get it for 6 euros + shipping - Mailorder

Listen on Bandcamp : http://franticcity.bandcamp.com/album/frantic-038


July 31, 2015

Alright, let's meet in Binic at the Azbin / City record stall with Regal's first 7"!

-FRANTIC 038 : REGAL "Layer World" 7"

Bandcamp pre-order available now! Official released date : August 1st at Binic Folk Blues Festival.




July 25, 2015

New records in stock from Dead Beat (Mighty Fevers LP, Havenots LP, Heartbeeps LP, Brimstone Howl LP, Sick Thoughts LP x 2)!



July 21, 2015

-FRANTIC 038 : REGAL "Layer World" 7"

Bandcamp pre-order available now! Official released date : August 1st at Binic Folk Blues Festival.



July 19, 2015

New records in stock from Beast (Dividers LP, Go!Zilla LP x 2, Madcaps LP, Hipbone Slim LP)!


And the Frantic City shirt is available again in Small, Medium and Large for 12 euros + shipping!!


June 17, 2015

-FRANTIC 037 : SKEPTICS "Open Sea" 10"


Skeptics are back with a new record and this time it's a classy 10'' vinyl (just look at Guillaume Sport Lukçe's neat artwork) featuring 7 new tracks from the French disciples of Fuzz. « Black lonely & blue », their sophomore LP, came out on Lisbon's Groovie Records at the very end of 2013, and since then the La Rochelle-based trio have been adding a fourth member, second guitar in the band, and relentlessly touring and recording new material at their favourite recording shack, Lo'Spider's Swampland studio down in Toulouse. Songs from these sessions already filtered as two different splits came out in 2014, first one being a split 7'' with Canadian crime-pals Dead Ghosts on Frantic City Records, second one being a split tape with Manchester party-boys Brown Brogues on Ultra Cool Records, which featured the song « TV Wizard » in it. A revised version of « TV Wizard » opens this new 10'' and it's a deluge of Heavy Fuzz straight from the beginning. But don't get it wrong, this here is not just another Garage record... With their dark and savage music and by means of grinding riffs and brooding chants, Skeptics bring us on an end-of-time Roller-Coaster ride summoning forgotten demons along the way. Now this « Open Sea » is most certainly a record to be prescribed to those complaining about Garage music becoming dull and boring nowadays!

Get it for 10 euros + shipping - Mailorder

Listen on Bandcamp : http://franticcity.bandcamp.com/album/frantic-037


The official release party will be held in Rennes with Dead Ghosts end of August, but Skeptics will be playing a couple of gigs with their Swedish mates Lady Banana in the south of France in July (July 10 in Toulouse - Ravelin and July 11 in Montpellier - Black Out)!




May 31, 2015

The Pneumonias will be touring Spain for the first time ever in June!

PNEUMONIAS / Still Lurkin' Tour / SUMMER 2015

June 24 : BIARRITZ / Bar de la plage
June 25 : MADRID / Fun House 
June 26 : VALENCIA / Club 76
June 27 : BARCELONA / Sardina Fest 



May 12, 2015

-FRANTIC 036 : PIERRE ET BASTIEN "Greatest Hits"

Their (fantastic) sophomore LP is just out on Polly Maggoo Records (Volt, Intelligence, Brainbombs, TITS...) and it was high time we put out a compilation of all of Pierre et Bastien's earlier material. From their first Drum Machine Punk songs ('No Sex') to their more recent and more sophisticated numbers with Trux on drums ('Stress et Paillettes'), everything's in there, even two live tracks recorded in Bordeaux and an unreleased track dating back to the very early days when Paul was still tinkering around in his bedroom ! Sixteen tracks all in all, which were previously released on labels such as  SDZ, Killedbyanaxe, Les Disques Flow, Pouet !, Born Bad and more, on a pretty little tape. Limited to 150 copies only, comes with a download coupon.

Get it for 6 euros + shipping - Mailorder

Listen on Bandcamp : http://franticcity.bandcamp.com/album/frantic-036


May 6, 2015

The Pneumonias will be hitting the road again tomorrow!

PNEUMONIAS / Still Lurkin' Tour / SPRING 2015

May 7 : LYON / Trokson + Peter & The Walrus 
May 8 : MARSEILLES / Machine à Coudre + La Flingue
May 9 : TOULOUSE / Ravelin + Asphalt



April 14, 2015

-FRANTIC 034 : LADY BANANA "Wall of Cheese" CS

Swedish Trash Garage duo Lady Banana - formed a few years ago in Göteborg on the warm ashes of the mighty Tundra Fucks - came to France twice and managed to get some days off to spend in Toulouse’s Swampland Studios each time. First session (off which two songs ended up on the split 7’’ with Skeptics on Frantic City and two more made up their ‘I’m not you’ 7’’ on Beaver Milk Records) was during their Tour De France with Skeptics in October 2012, second session occured in Summer 2013 during the small tour they did in the South of France with Destination Lonely. Eleven songs where thusly recorded with Swampland wizard Lo’Spider, probably the best recording master they could’ve found to record their very unique blend of Garage, Punk and Raw Blues. So this is what you’ll get on this tape, the complete Swampland sessions from Lady Banana, eleven songs and more than half of them unreleased ! So all of you Cheater Slicks and Oblivians fans, don’t be foolish and get this little gem of a tape before it’s too late, only 150 copies were made… Download Coupon included.

Get it for 6 euros + shipping - Mailorder

Listen on Bandcamp : http://franticcity.bandcamp.com/album/frantic-034


April 2, 2015

-FRANTIC 033 : JAROMIL SABOR & PRECHEUR LOUP "You shall use your time... And your mama's too" CS

Loïk (Jaromil Sabor) and Antoine (Prêcheur Loup) met in Bordeaux in 2007. They played together in different bands such as The Magical Jumblies Club and Captain Kidd & the Dreamers, and then, in Winter 2010, the two of them started working on new stuff together. During Christmas holidays, their mission was to record a new song everyday. They were writing and recording on the couch in Loïk’s flat while spinning records - John Lennon’s "Mind Games", the Fresh & Onlys, Mr David Viner, Wilson Pickett… At the end of the holidays they had enough songs to start playing them live, and opened for bands such as Rita Braga, The Oscillation and more with this new band they had together. Then both of them went abroad for a couple of years, not seeing each other, and when they met again last summer they decided to re-record all their songs with a better sound. They did it in Antoine’s garden shack this time, bringing-in various friends for additional drums, synth or guitar parts… And this is how they came up with the ten songs making up this "You shall use your time… and your Mama’s too" cassette, alterning Folky ballads like fellow Frantic City band Regal knows how to cook (‘Nicole’) with straight-forward Spits-like space Synth-Punk songs (‘Calcomatraque’). Mastered by The Rest of Alfredo Garcia. Download Coupon included.

Get it for 6 euros + shipping - Mailorder

Listen on Bandcamp : http://franticcity.bandcamp.com/album/frantic-033


March 14, 2015

New records in stock from P.Trash (Useless Eaters LP, Genital Hospital LP x 2...), Casbah (Owen Temple Quartet LP, Les Rivals LP), XVIII (Black Bug LP), Manic Depression (Last Night LP)...



February 19, 2015

-FRANTIC 035 : FROTH "Bleak" LP


Hailing from Echo Park, CA, Froth combines a forward-thinking Garage Rock sound with elements of Shoegaze and Psych-Pop washed in the dreamy textures of omnichord and jangly 12-string guitar. Getting their start in 2012, Froth has quickly risen through the ranks of the Los Angeles DIY music scene, playing with the likes of The Growlers, Cosmonauts, La Luz, Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel, Mystic Braves and many more in popular local events like The Growlers' annual Beach Goth Party and Burgerama. After releasing their highly acclaimed - and extremely recommendable - debut album ‘Patterns’ via Burger Records and Lolipop! Records in the fall of 2013, Froth continues to attract new fans with their strong hooks and high-energy live show, and remains dedicated to exploring the sonic possibilities of their expansive Psychedelic sound. New album ‘Bleak’ will be out in Europe in February on Azbin and Frantic City Records and in America in April on Burger Records.

Get it for 12 euros + shipping - Mailorder

Listen on Bandcamp : http://franticcity.bandcamp.com/album/frantic-035

Other news in stock : Lots of new cool stuff from Bachelor (New Swears LP x 2, Sonic Chicken 4 LP, Parrots 7", Kuken 7"...)!!


Next week our English friends will have their first ever chance to witness a Skeptics live show since they're finally embarking on their first UK tour :

Wednesday, February 25 : London / The Dalston Victoria + Raw Fun + Michael Jackson
Thursday, February 26 : Manchester / The Castle + Brown Brogues + Proto Idiot
Friday, February 27 : Bristol / Frathouse + Las Aspiradoras
Saturday, February 28 : Reading / Mondo Fuzz + Monroe




Then early March Double Cheese will be heading south for a nice week end in Bordeaux (on March 6) and Biarritz (on March 7)!




February 15, 2015


The Staches are two girls and two guys from Geneva, Switzerland, who’ve been sticking together for years now and relentlessly working on blending together Garage, Girl Punk, Lo-Fi Pop and Psychedelic music. Pushed by the enthusiasm of their youth, they’ve been roaming the roads of Europe and already totalize a fair amount of about 100 gigs. Their first album « Machine » (Burning Sound Records, La Chaux-de-Fonds) came out in May 2014, quickly followed by their first 7’’ « There’s Something in Between » (La Suisse Primitive Records, Saint Gallen) in October 2014. Now the two songs making up this new 7’’ co-released by Azbin and Frantic City Records were recorded by Seth Sutton from Useless Eaters in San Francisco in August 2014.

Get it for 6 euros + shipping - Mailorder

Listen on Bandcamp : http://franticcity.bandcamp.com/album/frantic-032


January 29, 2015

FRANTIC 024 / Forever Pavot "Christophe Colomb" 7" - 2nd Press

Second press for Forever Pavot's terrific first 7"! 300 new copies for those who missed it the first time.

Listen on Bandcamp : http://franticcity.bandcamp.com/album/frantic-024


January 2nd, 2015

The first LP on Frantic City came out in 2011 and it was Thee Marvin Gays' first album. Now they're back with their sophomore album on great German label Alien Snatch! - though they did put out a terrific 6-track 10" on Kimziaz in the meantime. New label, new drummer and new recording studio (they recorded in Brussels this time) for these 12 tracks which stick to their own beloved Garage Pop & Psych blend. Available now!


December 29, 2014

Last big load-in of the year and it comes from Stolen Body Records, nice record label from the UK who's responsible for putting out two great records from Manchester duo Brown Brogues and also a Haunted Leather LP, a Plantains/Os Noctambulos split LP and the 'Vegetarian Meat' V/A LP with Heaters, Travel Check, Noctambulos, Dusty Mush...


Back to Brown Brogues who just put out on their own Ultra Cool record label a split tape with La Rochelle's own Skeptics letting out two tracks from their new Swampland recording sessions!


Finally we received a few copies of the "La Quadrature du Carré" 7" on SDZ with unreleased tracks from Anteenagers MC, Pierre & Bastien, Subtle Turnhips and Bosom Divine. You'll have to be quick on this one. All this of course is available from our Mailorder!


And of course, happy new year to you all!!


December 10, 2014

New records in stock from Bachelor (Dead Ghosts LP x 2, Space Raft LP, UV Glaze 7"), Windian (Ar-Kaics LP + 7"), Juvenile Delinquent (Asphalt 7")...



November 26, 2014


Skeptics played thrice with Dead Ghosts, twice in La Rochelle, once in Bordeaux, and that was far enough to understand that Bryan and the boys are but a bunch of jolly good fellows. Been following them from the great "Bad Vibes" 7" they put out on French record label Yakisakana in 2009 (you can find both songs on the "Rarities" LP out this year on Bachelor) up to their second album "Can't get no" out on Burger Records in 2013 and always been much contented with their own special blend of Garage, Folk and whatever's-in-there-too so far. They're definitely one of the best things which came out of Canada in the last few years along with Demon's Claws or Indian Wars. They are working on their third full-length at the moment and gave us this neat cover of "Girl", from Back from the Grave fame's The Keggs for this record. Skeptics, long-time Frantic City favourites since we put out the first 7" in 2009, are also working on their third full-length and the garagesters from La Rochelle - who are now a four-piece band, which means twice as much Fuzz and Reverb!! - came up with a very personal rendition of 60s Dutch band Groep 1850's first A-sider "Misty Night", perfect match for this split 7". So here you go, two 60s covers by two of the most exciting contemporary Garage bands from Canada and France, wrapped-up in a nice full-color cover by Brussels' own Robin Renard and pressed on colored vinyl. Limited to 300 copies so you know you'd better act fast!

Get it for 6 euros + shipping - Mailorder

Listen on Bandcamp : http://franticcity.bandcamp.com/album/frantic-031


Novembre 6, 2014

You can now shop Frantic City records on Bigcartel!!


November 4, 2014

New records in stock from Howlin' Banana (Departure Kids LP, Los Dos Hermanos LP), AzBin (Yak CS, OrcaStalker V/A CS), Gone With The Weed (Skategang LP, Stroke Band CS), Dead Beat (Sick Thoughts LP x 2, Brimstone Howl LP, Fadeaways LP, Pusrad LP, Miscalculations LP, Shark Toys LP, Creeping Ivies LP, Overcharge LP, Huff Stuff Magazine LP)...



October 14, 2014

Skeptics and Double Cheese are driving up North to Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands next week :


October 22 : Brussels, BE / DNA
October 23 : Münster, DE / Gleis 22
October 24 : Meppel, NL / Café Clouso
October 25 : Groningen, NL / Vera Downstage



October 6, 2014

Lots of new records in stock from Dead Beat (Sick Thoughts LPs, Brimstone Howl LP), P.Trash (Brat Farrar LP, About:Blanks LP, La Flingue LP, Marinellis LP), Polly Maggoo (TITS 7")...



September 15, 2014

-FRANTIC 028 : ANGRY DEAD PIRATES Garage music for mind and body LP

Second album from Toulouse's Angry Dead Pirates after a split 10" with The Movements from Sweden out on Pariah! Records in 2012, twelve new tracks recorded at Swampland, Toulouse, with none other than Lo'Spider of course. They don't sound like your typical 60s revival band and they don't sound like your typical "à la Black Lips" neo-Garage band but they still dig fuzz and reverb a lot and even have a Farfisa in the band! They clearly found their own special sound mixing Garage, Grunge and Psychedelic elements, and who could have captured this special sound on a tape better than Toulouse's own Lo'Spider? The Spider actually played bass with them for a memorable gig along with Skeptics in the French Basque countries... He plays some organ on this record too. What's more, two members from Australian band Burn In Hell from Melbourne were invited on a couple of tracks, so there's family and friends here! LP co-released with Le Laboratoire and Barbarella Club record, bonus CD version included!

Get it for 12 euros + shipping through our Mailorder!

Listen on Bandcamp : http://franticcity.bandcamp.com/album/frantic-028

Other news in stock : Pierre et Bastien live LP on Killed by an axe!!


September 5, 2014

Skeptics back on the road in September!

-September 12 - Paris (75) / Olympic Café + Double Cheese + Dusty Mush 
-September 13 - Monceau-Saint-Waast (59) / DTG Festival

-September 19 - Niort (79) / L'Alternateur + Double Cheese
-September 20 - Rennes (35) / Melody Maker + Double Cheese + Dragster


August 20, 2014


You most likely discovered White Ass with their first recordings available on a split tape with The Skeptics out on Frantic City and Inch Allah records, then you surely must have heard their hit song "Stencil" opening Frantic City's various artist LP "Hamburger Saignant" out a few months ago, now here is finally their first LP, co-released by Frantic City, Kizmiaz, Pouet! and Inch Allah! 12 tracks recorded by Sashtrash and mastered by Seb Normal wrapped in a nice fold-out cover. For those who don't know them yet, White Ass is an all-star four-piece Garage Punk band from Paris formed by current or ex-members of Teenage Moonlight Borderliners, Viscous Brothers, Crash Normal, Pierre et Bastien, T.I.T.S., Feeling of Love and probably a lot more! They decided to bring this new band to life because none of those mentionned above actually went for this super-reverbed, trashed-out Garagey Punk sound that's already synonymous with fair-skinned buttocks in some parts of France, and you certainly won't blame them once you've heard those 12 rockers!

Get it for 12 euros + shipping through our Mailorder!

Listen on Bandcamp : http://franticcity.bandcamp.com/album/frantic-029

Other news in stock : Strange Hands and Sapin LPs on AzBin!!


July 10, 2014

Next week the Pneumonias will be touring in the North of France and Belgium, bringing with them their brand new 10 track 10", "Still Lurkin'", out on Frantic City and Juvenile Delinquent! Check the tour schedule :

PNEUMONIAS / Still Lurkin' / SUMMER TOUR 2014

July 16 : PARIS / La Mécanique Ondulatoire + Warm Toy Machine
July 17 : KORTRIJK (BE) / The Pit's + Warm Toy Machine
July 18 : LE HAVRE / L'Escale
July 19 : RENNES / Bar'Hic + Dragster + Black Boys on Moped



June 23, 2014

New records in stock from Bachelor (Dead Ghosts LP x 2, Sonic Chicken 4 LP), Groovie (Highspeed V LP, Dara Puspita LP), Chaputa! (Satelliters 7", King Salami 7") and Requiem pour un twister (Forever Pavot 7") in our mailorder!


June 1st, 2014

Next week the Skeptics will hit the road again, they're going down south this time as they'll be playing Go Sinner Go! festival in Toledo along with the Night Beats and Swingin' Neckbreakers and then head off to Portugal!


June 5 : BIARRITZ (FR) / Chéri BiBi
June 6 : TOLEDO (ES) / Go Sinner Go!
+ Swingin' Neckbreakers + Night Beats
June 9 : LISBOA (PO) / A Ruina
June 12 : COIMBRA (PO) / Salão Brazil + Autoramas
June 13 : RIO MAIOR (PO) / Os Maiorais + Autoramas
June 14 : LISBOA (PO) / Sabotage Club
+ Autoramas


They will also be playing the Rock Museum in La Rochelle on June 19 and then they'll be in Nantes on June 21.


May 20, 2014

Reminder!! "Hamburger Saignant" LP (FRANTIC 027) Release Party in Rennes next saturday :